Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mission Statement

Play It Forward is a passion project of two best friends, CJD & JJZ, who share an undying love of pro wrestling. As of 2018 these two grown men live over 600 miles apart.

The purpose of the project is to keep them engaged with a constant flow of matches one can expose the other to on a weekly basis, with a short dialogue they can share with the world and keep archived thanks to the wonders of the world wide web.

One man picks a match to play to set the project in motion. A week later the other picks a match to share in return which features one of the wrestlers involved in the previous match. A week later the other picks a match to share in return which features one of the wrestlers involved in the previous match who WAS NOT involved in the match shared two weeks prior. Thus the pendulum swings ad infinitum.

There will be bells and whistles, Championships and records and stats and awards. Such is usually the case when these two manchildren meld their minds and get the creative juices flowing.

But at its heart, Play It Forward is a perpetual motion machine of pro wrestling positivity. Won't you join the motion in our pro wrestling ocean?


  1. How can fans support you? This is the best site I for wreatling I have seen in years. Love. The old stuff and the comments help me catch up on newer japanese wrestling.

  2. Hey Ricky, thanks so much for the feedback! Assuming you mean monetary support, we've tried to monetize the blog a little with some ads but unfortunately we got booted off Google Adsense for reasons they refused to explain. We're using Infolinks now which I hope aren't too intrusive. Their support team has been way more helpful than Adsense but unfortunately it would be years at our current rate of traffic before we saw any money from them. Adsense just pays leaps and bounds above everyone else (if they ever pay you).

    I've been thinking about just putting an old fashioned Paypal donation link up, since I don't think we'll be making t-shirts any time soon, and printing shirts seems to be the only way pro wrestling media sites make money these days. I'll talk it over with JJZ.

    In the meantime, spreading the word a bit to friends who are into pro wrestling, or on social media you post on would be a big help! And above all else, I'm just stoked to hear you're enjoying what we share! We love doing this and if we can entertain even just a few fans out there in the process then that's really all the reward we need.