Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Crowning The 100th Mason-Dixon Tri-state Outercontinental WWKD Champion

Jun Kasai VS G-Raver - GCW DeathMatch 8/23/2019

JJZ: So there was a few times during this match that I thought "Well I ain't playing this forward!" So that tells you this match isn't perfect. But what it lacks in perfection it makes up for in brutality. Super Indy with a single cam and no commentary. I'm pretty sure this was actually filmed by a fan. I know fun isn't usually a word to describe a death match but damn this was a fun ride. You've got all the crazy shit you can handle with a lot of "Jesus Christ!" moments. G-Raver is a name I know but have only seen a few matches of. Dude seems like he's got all the tools to be a top flight death match wrassler. And Jun is Jun, cream of the crop.

CJD: With the Crazy Monkey making history here at PIF in the annals of our prestigious imaginary Championship lineage, I'd say he's the cream of the crop indeed. As Macho Man said, nobody does it better!! And it surprises me to say that about Kasai because for a long time he was someone I enjoyed but didn't care too much about either way. But you can see in the matches we've featured from him, VS Masada, VS Necro, and here VS G-Raver, somewhere in the past decade he became a complete package as far as all-time great deathmatch wrestlers go. I'd like to think that coming up under the learning tree of guys like Yamakawa and Honma and watching them lay out masterpieces when he was just a little chimp had something to do with it. This is from a GCW show in Japan, it seems like it is a fancam which I don't mind at all. Adds to the chaotic feel. And hopefully the upload stays up despite that because this was tons of fun, just as you said. G-Raver brought some awesome spots that didn't require too much fuss, Kasai put together a simple, satisfying, brutal main event deathmatch, and we have a very fitting match to crown our 100th Champ as he flips us all the double deuce!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Choose Death


Jun Kasai VS Necro Butcher - FREEDOMS 6/21/2010

CJD: I never knew this match happened and after watching it I can kind of see why. When you see these two names on paper you're expecting an absolute horror show. Instead what we have here is a more straight forward match that's still deceptively brutal and sick, but isn't gimmick focused or particularly noteworthy in either man's DeathMatch Hall of Fame careers. Except for the fact that they did face each other in a singles match, and it was damn good, which I still think is pretty noteworthy!

Since this one flew under my radar I went in with low expectations, especially since most of Necro's work in Japan was just alright. He says he felt held back in Big Japan but in FREEDOMS it seemed like he had exactly the match he wanted. You see the versatility of both him and Kasai on full display here, that they're more than just psycho bump machines. But reminiscent of another match we shared at PIF, Cactus Jack VS Tarzan Goto, there are still psycho bumps masterfully tucked away in this match that will catch you off guard like crunching into a bite of pretzel in a candy bar.

So here we are babycakes. Next week we officially have our one hundredth Mason Dixon Tri-state Outercontinental WWKD Champion of the World, and our first two time Champ. Back when we watched a baby Crazy Monkey's arm shredded to the bone on your CZW VHS over and over again, did you ever imagine his career would reach such lofty heights??

JJZ: Loving that the first two time MDTSOCWWKD Champion is also our 100th champion. Would have never thought it'd be that crazy son of a bitch from CZW UN f'n believable, Jun Kasai! I still have that VHS. So this ain't no lighttube barbwired jamboree but this match has so many tight butthole moments. The off the charts stiffness mixed with the use of foreign objects made that Cactus VS Goto callback perfect Chris. Loved the top of the ladder throwdown and I cringed when Necro's head bounced off it later in the match. Was I alone in thinking that Jun giving Butcher a side suplex with two chairs around his neck could have ended really badly? I literally closed my eyes. Loved this match man. Can't wait to watch our next 100 matches.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Take Your Breath In A Slugfest With A Suplex

Chris Hero VS Necro Butcher - IWAMS British Rounds Match 1/21/2006

JJZ: This is a masterpiece. This match takes me back to a time when we watched so much wrestling together. I would have killed to have been there live for this. It was beautiful to watch Hero doing what he does best, working the crowd, selling like a beast, and telling a story like no other. Necro plays his part perfectly with that tiny crowd dying for him to get his hands on Hero. I totally forgot Trik Davis was a thing. This match was a journey that I couldn't get enough of. I was happy to play this forward to really highlight that Hero always has had a fantastic mind for the sport. To have a match with very little action to be honest with so much story telling for over 30 mins is just talent. Who's your Hero? Chris Hero!

CJD: The first thing that came to mind while watching this is the booking is brilliant. It reminds me so much of a classic World Class or Mid South angle and match, minus the British Rounds stipulation. Despite what a throwback style of angle this is it never feels like like an homage or parody of anything else, it's uniquely its own thing, and it's the genuine article. Everyone involved in this match, from the bit players to the main characters, make me believe what they're doing 100%. Say what you will about Ian Rotten but this was always one of his best qualities, and I think he really instilled it in the young talent that came through IWAMS. It's carny as hell and that's what the roots of good pro wrestling are all about.

Trik Davis was definitely a thing, as white meat as a babyface can be in an era where nobody wanted to be one. Hero's angle with him and feud with Cannon around this time is still some of my favorite stuff he's ever done in his very prolific career. Our next Mason Dixon Tri State Outercontinental Champion after Necro will be our 100th but I kind of wish our imaginary title lineage just ended here before we hit that milestone. We don't usually rate matches but if this isn't five snowflakes then I don't know what is. Necro's banter with Hero prematch is worth 1 and 4/5s stars alone by my scorecard. Thanks so much for bringing this one into my life.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Deep Waters, Pulling Me Down, Deep Waters, Afraid I'll Drown

Chris Hero VS Matt Riddle - EVOLVE 71 10/16/2016

CJD: When we started Play It Forward there was a short list of guys and girls I wanted to strap the MDTSOCWWKD Championship on (ie feature matches from) as fast as possible. And it's crazy to think almost 100 matches later we're just getting to Chris Hero. But here we are! Technically Riddle is still our Champ this week and I'm glad because this is my favorite type of performance from him. Hero beats him down to the point the calm cool demeanor is stripped away. It's easy to forget how good Deep Waters' selling and fire can be but it's on full display here. The pace of this one is deliberate but it makes perfect sense with Hero controlling the tempo most of the time. I think it loses the crowd a bit by the end but their loss is my gain. I badly miss this run of Hero's career, luckily there's plenty of greatness to go back and dissect. Maybe not the GOAT as he convincingly would claim but a strong case for best in the world at the time.

JJZ: Chris Mother Fucking Hero in 2016/17 was the BITW in my opinion. Interesting MDTSOCWWKD run for Riddle with his match last week at full bro level and this match when he was still a baby bro. I like this match for the simple reason I haven't seen Riddle work from under very often. He has good fire and gets good sympathy from the fans. Hero is such an arrogant veteran dickhead that even though I love him I still kinda find myself rooting for Riddle. You can sense that Hero knows he needed to pick up the urgency when Matt starts going for kill shots. I thought the crowd was still along for the ride, and I was too.

Editor's note: This match has been taken down since we originally shared it. We'll check back periodically to see if we can find a new link. We apologize for the inconvenience!