Tuesday, March 26, 2024

For Once In Your Life, Here's Your Miracle

CJD: Every time we play forward a match with real length these days I feel like it's a big ask. But I really think this one is worth it. This doesn't have the reputation of the biggest AJPW tags (it only got a paltry ****1/4 from Meltz) but it is very notable. It's one of the first big tests for the Miracle Violence Connection as they are starting to tear through the division. Jumbo is returning from some time off, in storyline due to a leg injury. And Taue is on the rise but still emerging as Jumbo's protege. A lot of components to this match, a lot of smaller storylines that build over the course of it. Not everything builds to a payoff but there's so much to like here. So much meat slapped!! And a great sense of the stakes of what a win in a match like this means by the time we reach the finish. I had this one in my book to watch for a long while, thank you JJZ (and Terry Gordy!) for giving me an excuse to cross it off. Also a side note but crazy timing how this little run of Bam Bam matches coincided with his episode of Dark Side Of The Ring. Just weird pro wrestling fandom synergy.

JJZ: Smoking a cigar and drinking a Guinness. Let's fucking go. This is a back and forth hoss battle! Thank you for the history lesson to this gem. No matter what is on the line for this match all four of these guys fucking went for it. And it all built to an ending that was straight violence. Just four dogs fighting for a bone. So entertaining. And it didn't even feel that long! All Japan Pro Wrestling had the ability to make time stand still with the action in the ring during this era. Love it CJD.

Friday, March 15, 2024

Forever Forward Fridays

CJD: We've watched a good amount of Myron Reed here at PIF, but I don't know if we've featured a match that's this much of a fireworks show. And if you want pop and sizzle this match won't disappoint. But the young GOAT also does a beautiful job of filling in the quiet moments between the explosions, and making things feel like they count. Malachai is totally new to me and I'm glad I took a chance on a name I wasn't familiar with. He has some great assets, I hope he keeps adding to his toolbox as he continues his career as Je'Von Evans in NXT. The chemistry between him and Reed had some extra spice and seasoning that made you want to keep coming back for more. I was digging this promotion too. Hot Fire continues to bring the FFFriday heat!

JJZ: RIP to one of my favorite nicknames ever. Hot Fire. Oh well. But this match was Hot Fire! Both wrestlers came out the shoot trying to one up each other and man oh man was it enjoyable to watch. This match was such an indie darling style that I felt like it was 2006 all over again. I could picture Dave Prazak calling some of those spots. Jay Malachi is brand new to me also. He has that young puppy energy that you can feel through the screen. Excited to really dive into more of his stuff. I know he is young but you can tell he has been working for years. Good shit!

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Your Love Is Blind, Blind As A Bat

JJZ: So my fear with any AJPW match that I watch is that I have seen it before and don't remember. I have zero memory of ever seeing the Bulldogs vs Hansen and Gordy. If I did and don't remember this banger shame on me. Goddammit this was spectacular. First the crowd was at a ten. Second the wrestlers were killing it. All four guys wanted to bring the house down. It's so wild to watch Davey Boy who is sweating steroids going shot for shot against Stan who looking like he just stepped off the bar stool. This is just a beef slapping hoss battle at its finest. Ain't no real psychology to it. Just four guys beating the shit out of eachother. Enjoy it.

CJD: You read my mind with that comment about Hansen/DBS. This match certainly had the big fight feels. The Bulldogs were limited but Stan and Terry made them look like a million bucks. Gordy really went above and beyond. The way he kept selling the press slam, like that was the reason Hansen tried to sneak in as the illegal man, was such a wonderful touch. And man, what a beautiful finish, as perfect as you could hope from a match like this. This was a dream match that delivered, and with the limitations you had from a barely mobile Dynanite and a walking science experiment in Davey, that's pretty damn impressive!

Friday, March 1, 2024

Forever Forward Fridays

JJZ: Bringing that hot fire this week! We got Forever Forward Friday veteran Myron Reed making his PIF return. Going against the Bounty Hunter! CJD, I love this gimmick for Bryan Keith. He has the perfect moveset and build for this kinda role. This match was so much fun. Really solid build to a really hot finish. Both guys didn't hold anything back and the crowd loved it. Fantastic energy and emotion in that building. Everything about this bout made it feel like it was the most important thing in the world at that moment. Coming out of the past few weeks I am now a big fan of the Bounty Hunter!

CJD: The thing I love about this match is that while neither one of these guys is the most physically imposing, they both bring that aura to this match that this title fight is larger than life. These are two guys that do the little things right, inside and outside of the ring. And while this is a very modern match, besides Hot Fire with that flashy offense, this is a match that feels busy without doing too much. Nothing overly complicated or cute. Just a good little barnburner, from two awesome talents, in a fun proportion, with good commentary, in front of a great crowd. That's some Friday goodness right there!!