Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Kaze Ni Nare

Minoru Suzuki VS KENTA - NOAH 8/27/2005

JJZ: This is total selfish pick. We've both seen it before. We both love it. I was itching for a match like this. KENTA getting his release gives me hope that he will go back to NOAH and be the Minoru Suzuki to the next big NOAH star that can bring them back to the top of the Puro scene. This match doesn't really need a breakdown. Read the wrestlers names and you know what this match is all about.

CJD: I'm sure I have seen this one before but I didn't remember much about it. I loved the way it started off, totally believable and had me popping. This was, as you said, exactly what you would expect from these two around this time, and that's not a bad thing at all. Also, I like that we've managed to put the belt on the two men on our banner at the top of the page before we hit our 50th Champ! Kind of a lay up but I'll be happy to sit down to some classic NOAH any given Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

You Say Chutoro, I Say Otoro, Let's Play The Whole Thing Forward


Aja Kong/Jun Kasai/Minoru Suzuki VS Mitsuhisa Sunabe/Ryuji Ito/Yumi - Oz Academy 8/23/2015

CJD: Usually a match being joined in progress is a violation for me. But sometimes playing it forward isn't about the match you want, it's about the match you need. And I'm on the tail end of two months of hellacious overnight shifts and this match put a smile on my face for every minute of what we got to see of it. I never knew I needed a trios team of Suzuki, Kong, and Kasai so badly, but they are god damn great together. I bet you didn't see this coming in response to two weeks of brutal deathmatches!

JJZ: To paint a little picture while I'm watching this match. I'm smoking a cigar and have had about 3... 3 1/3 drinks. Now Chris, you are my best friend. Behind my wife and my kids your opinion matters more than anyone else's in this world. So I take no joy in saying this, but this match sucked. This was a shitty RAW main event. It told no story, had not real big spots and it felt like all the wrestlers just kinda checked out by doing the most basic shit they have. Love you baby but no bueno mi amigo.

CJD: I'm going to call bullshit. There has never been a RAW intergender main event with personalities as big and diverse as Suzuki, Kong, and Kasai. That would be like Foley, Shamrock, and I don't know, Lita? In a main event together. Never happened! I get what you're trying to say, that they rely on their personalities to pop the crowd more than they do "stuff" in this match. But that's pro wrestling baby. All three of them have sacrificed enough that they've absolutely earned it. How many comedy matches have a grand story? Chris Candido has a towel in his ass and doesn't realize it for 15 minutes is like the Hamlet of comedy matches. I think you forgot your fourth drink of the night, which was a shaker pint of Haterade filled right to the brim!

JJZ: Comedy match? I didn't laugh once. I didn't even think it was a comedy match. And how dare you talk anything but positive of the greatest comedy match of all time. In all seriousness, yes they have earned the right to kinda take a night off in the ring but the greats usually don't. Did the match actually suck? Not as a standard wrestling match but as a match with those legends in it, it is disappointing. Usually when I'm drinking, smoking, and watching some rasslin' I'm loving everything put in front of me. Maybe it just wasn't what I was in the mood for, or maybe my expectations were too high. But I'll ask you this, if you were trying to introduce any of those wrestlers to someone would you pick this match?

CJD: Definitely not. Like I said, it's a match built on their well deserved reputations. As long time fans of all 3 I find that rewarding without needing it to be a good starting point for others.

JJZ: I guess looking at it from your point I was buying supermarket sushi and expecting 5 star restaurant taste.

CJD: I have supermarket sushi in the fridge right now! It's going to be delicious for dinner at work tonight!

JJZ: Haha. Got some spicy tuna?

CJD: Nah just veggie rolls, I knew it'd be a few days before I got to it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Who Are Your Top 10 ATDMWR?

Masada VS Jun Kasai - FREEDOMS Pain Limit Finals 8/27/2012

JJZ: Both of these gentlemen are bleeding from the head before the match even starts. I always find it interesting when death matches start with wrist locks but but that doesn't last too long here. This match is brutal. Just some sick crazy stuff. Jun and Masada are a couple of death match legends so I wouldn't expect anything less. I'm loving that they have all these weapons under the turnbuckles. I can also honestly say there is shit I've never seen before in this match. It gets me thinking about where I'd place Masada and Jun in the all-time death match wrestler rankings. Or as I like to call it the ATDMWR. Jun would be top 10 for sure, with Masada not far behind. No matter where they rank this shit was fun.

CJD: God damn. I threw you probably the biggest curveball in PIF history and you squared it up and hit it right out of the park! This match is exactly what I'm talking about, an ultraviolent deathmatch done right. It builds logically, gets you invested in who wins and loses, and isn't just about the disgusting shit they put each other through. But make no mistake, these two are willing to do some of the most disgusting shit you'll see in any deathmatch. This is still a little above and beyond of what I usually prefer but I have to give it up to both guys, this match was awesome. If you didn't pull an Ace out of your deck with this one then at very least it's a King of Spades. I know to people who don't get it deathmatches seem like a snuff film, but to me they're almost therapeutic. When you're feeling down and out in life, just remember what Jun Kasai and Masada went through in the Pain Limit Finals in 2012. You won't feel so bad!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Infatuation, She's A Fatal Attraction

Christina Von Eerie VS Masada - CZW Fatal Attraction Match 2/2/2013

CJD: I was having some trouble finding a CVE match to play this week. I didn't want to pluck you right back out of the land of the ladies, I didn't want to play an intergender match, and I certainly didn't want to play an intergender deathmatch! You know I struggle with intergender matches to start with, especially anything that goes in the hardcore direction. But I'll be honest, what I've seen from Von Eerie has not exactly won me over, and I was desperate. This match kept popping up, and I gave in and watched it. This is, in my opinion, a very good, borderline great deathmatch.

You also know that I cut my teeth on 90s deathmatch wrestling, and have a love for the art of how to construct a match like this and not make it mindless. They absolutely captured that. There's some moments that aren't great, which I think any sane fan would expect, and the finish isn't great. There are some moments where I wanted to stop watching, but I'm glad I didn't. These are two professionals putting on a hell of a performance, and the last moment we see from them at the end of the video made me respect both of them that much more.

JJZ: Why in the hell is she working a death match in a sports bra? An intergender death match really evens the playing field and makes it believable that CVE can get a win here. I thought the match proved its point around the sixteen minute mark. After that I thought it was a little overkill. Crazy spots aplenty here. CVE was a fucking champion but she should have been throwing the hardware a little harder. Definitely the most cringe-worthy match in PIF history. I thought both wrestlers came out in the end looking great.

A funny point while watching was my 9-year-old son walked by during a moment when CVE was covered in blood. Before I could turn off the TV he looks at me and says "Boys can wrestle girls?!" Totally giving no fucks about the blood and barbed wire and mayhem.