Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Don't Wanna Be An American Idiot

CJD: This is an era that you know I was totally checked out of wrestling. For example I didn't even know the Unamericans were a thing so I couldn't figure out the jingoistic slant to the commentary other than "oh well it's WWE" for the first few minutes. Then I realized the tired heel dynamic. Regardless, the heels in this are very effective in the ring. Goldust is a terrific face in peril and always has great chemistry with every different type of wrestler you can imagine. The finish is the same crap we still complain about to this day but they lay this match out beautifully otherwise. We've featured a lot of matches like this over the years at PIF, 10 minutes or so of fundamental tag team goodness. This isn't going to go down as one of the best we've covered but for four guys we've barely touched on up until now I was feeling this one. I love that they got this kind of platform on one of the big 4 PPVs.

JJZ: Damn baby, this match was so much fun. In a ten minutes I was highly impressed with how good the tag team psychology was. Shit you don't see any more, cutting off of the ring and actually having to tag. The energy from the crowd was so good. Everyone one was hitting on everything. That Dustin bump over the top was crazy. And can we talk about Booker? He looks like he is built out of stone. Not gonna lie. I popped for the spin a roni. Probably spelled it wrong. Also popped when I heard Fink on the mic. Great pick my guy.

Friday, October 21, 2022

Forever Forward Fridays

JJZ: I don't think I've seen Trey Miguel before but who fucking knows. I'm happy that I was able to shoot you back a really recent Shelley bout since your jawn was greener then goose shit Alex. And with that said my boy is still smooth and silk. I'm sitting here trying to think of what 90s wrestlers I can compare him too. Maybe Dean? Both are fantastic workers but never that top level talent? Also I always wanted both of them to get bigger pushes. Also really liked Trey in this match. I was worried that because Shelley is such a vet he would dominate the offense and Miguel would be working from under most of the match. But he was not, and he was going for it. That dude wanted this match to be talked about. Some really great spots with a ton of BDE in this match.

CJD: I have no idea why Impact uploaded this match other than the history these two have there as well. But god damn am I glad they did. John no lie I enjoyed this as much as any match we've ever played forward. I am familiar with Trey Miguel but this is the most recent I've seen him and needless to say he's leveled up. I think I used this word for the Shocker match too but I'll say it again. Chemistry. This match had it off the charts. The style these two worked together, technical, fast paced, snug, smart, exciting. They were feeling that Big Deano Energy for sure. They had me hooked beginning to end, and the only time my mind wandered they brought things right back to Shelley's arm like they were in my head. The crowd was great, the commentary even better. What a fucking match!

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Where Are The Lionhearts

JJZ: We may have seen this before but I don't care. I know these two have such a tremendous history that Lance going over to Japan for the first time will be a fun wild ass match. It's a JIP and also a few clips happen. But I didn't think it took away from the match. A car crash is what I expect and it's what I got. And it's what the crowd wanted. They were into this stuff. Everything was hit pretty perfect and with the intention to wow the audience. I was also more of a fan of Lance than Jericho but I think in this match they both hold their own. With a lot of oh shit moves plus some nice technical work in between. I'm sure they worked this match a bunch and I'd like to believe they said nothing to each other the whole time. They both just had it down.

CJD: I love Storm cutting a very earnest promo highlighting their history together and Jericho totally big timing him and cutting Generic Gaijin Promo For Japanese Media 101. Sets the stage for the dynamic between these two during the match and they both delivered big time. I don't think this match was hurt any from the missing 7 minutes or whatever but I also don't think they left all rest holds on the cutting room floor. Especially based on those crowd reactions. It seems like these two had a very solid 17 minute touring match in them that like you said, they could do in their sleep. I loved how vocal they both were, and how they timed some of those kickouts until the last possible second. Storm is someone I've always had a soft spot for. I hope I can find something just as good for next week but you set the bar high with this one.

Friday, October 14, 2022

Forever Forward Fridays

CJD: So this match immediately caught my attention but I decided to gloss over it and try a few other Shocker outings. He's not looking so hot these days unfortunately. I was going to dig into his classic stuff when I decided, why not go with PIF favorite Alex Shelley?? He can take us across many bridges thematic with our Friday journey. I might have even seen this match before as it's the night Joe debuted. But I sure didn't pay attention to it like I did this time around if so. This match exceeded all my expectations. Shelley is so young, Shocker is so seasoned, and they meld their styles beautifully. Both guys really shine in this contest of one upsmanship. There are little touches that let the match breathe and pace it out nicely that I didn't expect from this kind of match in TNA at this time at all. This one was a discovery for me, I hope it is for you as well!

JJZ: Expectations blown away man. This was fantastic. Honestly CJD I thought you played forward the best of a bad bunch. I'm going to remember this match for a long time. God man, Shelley is so smooth. He applies his moves so effortlessly. Like breathing for him. I know I didn't do you any favors with Shocker but this is why Play it Forward is beautiful baby. I loved this beyond any of my expectations. I'm not lying this match just changed my mood for the day. The finish was a great short story ending for this psychology. Now with Shelley I got an endless wonderful amount of opportunity for greatness my guy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

DDT Did A Job On Me

CJD: I feel a little bad playing this one forward, I know I could find a hundred better Arn matches. But when I saw this match happened I popped big time. Our IRL circle of wrestling friends recently debated which one of these two was a better in ring performer. And I think that ties right in with you picking AA to play forward a few weeks back. So why not feature him VS Jericho this week?? This match is honestly better than a lot of guys could do in this position, being buried by all the focus on the red hot new nWo angle. They kept it simple, built the young babyface up big, and ended the match at its highest point. The more I think about this match, I watched it a few days ago and a lot stuck with me. Heenan putting Jericho over even though he was probably a few (or more) into his night and often could be less than complimentary to a young babyface in this position. Woman adding a lot running interference on the outside. Miss Elizabeth solemnly watching pro wrestling in the back. And that finish. There was a lot packed into this kind of throwaway match. I'm really glad these were the two guys tossed out there to kill a little time.

JJZ: Ms. Elizabeth has a bad case of turnaround disease. She just keeps going in circles, it was fucking gold! So after intros this was actually a six minute match and man did they not waste a second. Talk about everything having meaning. I just wish it meant more to the announcers. I couldn't care less about Bischoff going to the hotel! Why are you taking about several other story lines during a 6 minute match? I would've killed to just have Bobby's color. At least he made me laugh. That finish man. The split second stall that said, this shit is over, was a fantastic touch. This match reminded me of a young pup bouncing all around and trying to tire out the older dog but in the end the young pup gets slapped down. Fun match. AA all day, everyday.

Friday, October 7, 2022

Back Next Week

Hey gang, life's getting in the way this week.  We've got matches in the pipeline and we'll be back next Tuesday and Friday! Everyone enjoy their Indigenous Peoples Day and we'll see you real soon.