Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Slingshot Blanchas Forever

CJD: Well I bet this isn't where you thought our holiday in the UK would branch off to next! Here we have four great talents who maybe wouldn't get a lot of hype in this setting. Roberts and DiBiase both have a reputation of being fairly boring in Japan. Misawa as TMII is rarely celebrated, and Kabuki I feel like only gets credit for his historical significance rather than his work. Well I thought the gaijin made a very solid team here and Ted was particularly cooking. Man he was huge for a guy you rarely think about his size. Misawa did an excellent job heating this match up when it needed it. And I have such a soft spot for Kabuki. I legitimately think he's very underrated, he's not going to pump out 4 star matches, but I'm always so happy to watch him work. This match is mostly a fun novelty but I really have no complaints for what we got. There are some brutal bumps snuck in there and a couple of nice spots. I really liked watching these 4 together even though I'd never have imagined watching these particular pairings.

JJZ: I did not expect this. Two thing I think you nailed. DiBiase always surprises me with his height when I see him. I'm always like "damn he's big." Also very low key big bumps in this one. I love when a guy takes a bump like the slingshot blancha (I'm sure this is spelled wrong but fuck it) to the outside when Tiger Mask II just flat backed it. So sick. This was an above average tag match for this promotion and time frame. Peter is really fucking good. I know I said this before but I didn't even know how much he influenced some of my favorite wrestlers until now.

Friday, August 26, 2022

Forever Forward Fridays

JJZ: So I understand that going back to Colt so soon is weird BUT! If I had to list a top 10 most influential over the past decade, Colt would be on the list. The Young Bucks are on record saying that Colt taught them how to make money on the merchant side. I'm team Colt on the Punk vs Colt debate. So honestly, I was disappointed that you weren't crazy about my Swoggle vs Colt match. This isn't anything over the top. Just a fun comedy match that I hope beings a smile to your face. Both guys really work in this one. Enjoy my friend.

CJD: I'm so intrigued by Shockwave the Robot. Was it the same wrestler over the years? Are there multiple Shockwaves?? What was the end goal with such a gimmick, especially in the era they started when the indies were nowhere near as fleshed out? Did they ever hold a title anywhere?? Fascinating. The way the robot switches to normal wrestler mode in this match is a fun wrinkle. This was very entertaining. Colt was a bit prickish at times but it really worked well. I thought the obvious move for the spot after the match was to use an AED but it's probably wishful thinking that an indie in 2013 would have one ringside. But I digress, I liked this match. I wouldn't buy a Best of Shockwave the Robot or anything but I did thoroughly enjoy this sampling of their work... if this is the same robot as last week and not a totally different model, that is!

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Your Favorite Wrestler's Favorite Wrestler

JJZ: So I specifically searched out a Pete Roberts match because I remember Regal talking about him in podcasts. I tried to let his matches come to me organically but I've been waiting for years and I figured this is a great time against a great opponent. A little joined in progress action ain't hurting nobody. This match is much more aggressive than the previous British matches we've been watching. Rudge looks like he would be a down and dirty wrestler and proves it this match. I know Roberts worked in Japan a lot so I assumed he was a little less fancy than the other workers we've been watching. But I didn't expect this. This has shades of UWF. I can really see that Regal took a lot from Pete. I really enjoyed this contest man. I can see so much that Bryan, Hero and Claudio took a lot from these two guys too.

CJD: I've honestly never seen a Pete Roberts match where his reputation matches his ability. Until now! This wasn't exactly Foreman VS Lyle but it was two beefy heavyweights throwing technically sound bombs. I loved it. British heavyweight wrestling can mean so many things but I think it's safe to say this is when it's at its finest. And man everything Terry Rudge does is glorious. He might be the most logical wrestler I've ever seen. I've never been so happy for a little JIP action my friend!

Friday, August 19, 2022

Forever Forward Fridays

Swoggle VS Shockwave the Robot - Beyond Wrestling 9/16/2018

CJD: Now I know what you're thinking John. But don't worry, Shockwave the Robot has had surprisingly prolific career, debuting in 1998, wrestling across the east coast, making it all the way over Japan, and even competing in the 2011 Super 8. So I think you'll have options for your next match. This match is as silly as wrestling gets, I could easily see it being a hard no for some fans. It does have the secret sauce of Bryce Remsburg who could sell sand in the desert. And I was in the mood for a match that got in, hit its spots and got out such as this. I'm not going to lie, part of me wonders if Swoggle dreams of having 40 minute King's Road style layered epics as he falls asleep at night. But if you're going to wrestle a murderous robot in the hot sun you've got to play the hand you're dealt!

JJZ: Loved the Colt crossover in this one. Would that be considered an easter egg? Swoggle and Shockwave kill it in this match. But Bryce is the star. Even his selling was the best in the match. Imo just like the last match this would have been a great match to see live. Who ever Shockwave is, he or she does a fucking great job. Totally believe they were a robot. That street fest looked awesome. I only remember seeing one show outside and it was a blast. Loved this man!

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Marty! You've Gotta Come Back With Me!

CJD: So we went from the latest Marty Jones match I've seen in 1987 to the earliest I've seen in 1976. Unless you want to throw some of your Back To The Future time traveling Marties theories out there since you apparently thought Jones was a bright eyed babe last week. And I feel like this match has been in my future waiting for me, either possibly because of Regal specifically mentioning it on podcasts (which the 40k views would indicate), or because I'm watching a lot of these types of guys for research in my quest to find the 100 Greatest Wrestlers Ever. Either way, I kind of knew a match like this was in the horizon this week. And I wasn't really in the mood for a long form epic like this. It took a few tries. But man did this match win me over whether I wanted it to or not. It's maybe the finest piece of escalation within the rounds system I've ever seen. So physical, so technical, and so captivating. We've talked about how important weight classes are in Britain, and with almost a 2 stone difference (2 stone John!!) this really feels like something special by the end. Enjoy baby! Just make sure you have some time to sink your teeth into this one.

JJZ: Oldest I've ever seen Marty Jones fyi. I don't know why but I keep thinking that I heard before that Rudge worked under a hood before. Different name of course. I'll agree with you that this match took me several start and stops to finish it. Parenthood interruptions, I know you know the struggle. The boston crab work was fantastic baby. One time I had to pause it and when I restarted it I went back to the start of the crab spot. I was getting major feels that this was gonna end like the Bate VS A-Kid match I played for you recently. Hmm, I think it's safe to say at this point, I've become pretty obsessed with British wrestling. This run we have been on has been probably my favorite we've ever done. All these matches have over delivered imo. Even the Big D!!!!! I ain't getting off this train yet my beautiful southern bell.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Forever Forward Fridays

Colt Cabana VS Swoggle - Zelo Pro 10/25/2018

JJZ: Colt Cabana has wrestled everyone. So my choices for this were endless. I scrolled through a lot of stuff and when I saw this Swoggle match I thought, well I don't think CJD would expect to ever watch this. The match is a silly back and forth with a lot of "OHH!" moments. I think it played good on camera but this would've been a joy to be live for. I totally popped when Swoggle came out for under the ring. Didn't see that coming at all. Hope this bout makes you smile like it did for me. For the people who think Funny don't make money I think you're wrong and I think matches like these add so much to full cards.

CJD: I do think funny can equal money, to an extent. I was really curious about this match on paper, which I'm sure is why you picked it with all those options. And Swoggle in a very unique way does fit our Forever Forward Friday theme. And I liked some of this match and laughed a few times. I didn't love this one overall though. Colt strikes me as someone who feels natural when he's actually improvising, but when he tries to sell something he has planned as off the cuff ("it's so far from it!") it comes off forced. That's probably confusing to read and I may be way off but it's the main thing I felt about this match. It felt too much like a badly written sketch and not enough like a funny wrestling match. All of that said, I have a soft spot for Swoggle because of AIW, and I did enjoy some of the exchanges. I'm kind of glad you sent this one over even if it wasn't my jam.

Friday, August 5, 2022

Forever Forward Fridays

Sammy Guevara VS Colt Cabana - Wrestle Circus 12/17/2016

CJD: Getting back to the indy focus of FFFridays. Although I did enjoy our roadside detour into Auto Luchas. I'll admit I didn't like Sammy the first few times I saw him. His charisma and bumping were undeniable but I thought he particularly suffered from a lack of guys on the indies at the time to learn and grow under. Well I know people have a variety of opinions on him in the ring but I do think Colt Cabana is a good learning tree to sit under and I thought both guys came out of this looking better for it. Funny at times but not a Colt comedy routine match, with Sammy showing personality but also playing a good straight man at times. Mostly this match gives you that living breathing indy atmosphere that's hard to capture on camera and man it makes me want to get out to a show.

JJZ: Baby boy this match was a joy! Getting to watch Colt really use his experience to school Sammy was a lot of fun. And then Sammy's athleticism to get his shit in made for one hell of a match man. You know I am a mark for Colt. Everything he has done for the independent wresting scene is incredible. I'm always rooting for him and in this match it was so easy to get his back. Sammy plays such a great little piece of shit. So when Colt shows him up I get a real kick out of it. I was highly entertained by this one mate.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

I Go And Get The Big Daddy

JJZ: I picked this match simply for the God damn ambiance. That ring! That venue! The weasel! Also within the first few secondS I liked how much energy the Big D had. This is the youngest Marty Jones match I can remember seeing also. So this match is pretty similar to your's but I did think Big Daddy had more spunk In this one. I watch a good amount of Big Daddy and I will say he has his routine and he sticks to it. Can't blame him. He was wildy successful. The heels were good in this one. Nothing over the top but they played good dickheads. Jones did a solid job. I didn't think he showed the potential of what he did become because it was so different. He got good heat on him and went to Daddy O for the pop. Entertaining 11 minutes.

CJD: This match was a lot of fun for what it was. It's funny that you say this is the youngest you've seen Marty Jones because I'm pretty sure it's the oldest I've seen him. He was the glue of this match for certain and the main reason it was as watchable as it was. I have no idea what the deal with the Samurai was. It reminds me of PY Chu Hi in Texas. Did anyone think these big fat hairy old white guys were actually Asian?? I guess before the internet anything was possible. I also get a kick out of this match because Big Daddy supposedly really disliked kids in real life. What a slice of British wrestling history right here! Very sad what would happen to Kirk shortly after this match but he was still an excellent heel as you said right up until the end.