Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Marty! You've Gotta Come Back With Me!

CJD: So we went from the latest Marty Jones match I've seen in 1987 to the earliest I've seen in 1976. Unless you want to throw some of your Back To The Future time traveling Marties theories out there since you apparently thought Jones was a bright eyed babe last week. And I feel like this match has been in my future waiting for me, either possibly because of Regal specifically mentioning it on podcasts (which the 40k views would indicate), or because I'm watching a lot of these types of guys for research in my quest to find the 100 Greatest Wrestlers Ever. Either way, I kind of knew a match like this was in the horizon this week. And I wasn't really in the mood for a long for form epic like this. It took a few tries. But man did this match win me over whether I wanted it to or not. It's maybe the finest piece of escalation within the rounds system I've ever seen. So physical, so technical, and so captivating. We've talked about how important weight classes are in Britain, and with almost a 2 stone difference (2 stone John!!) this really feels like something special by the end. Enjoy baby! Just make sure you have some time to sink your teeth into this one.

JJZ: Oldest I've ever seen Marty Jones fyi. I don't know why but I keep thinking that I heard before that Rudge worked under a hood before. Different name of course. I'll agree with you that this match took me several start and stops to finish it. Parenthood interruptions, I know you know the struggle. The boston crab work was fantastic baby. One time I had to pause it and when I restarted it I went back to the start of the crab spot. I was getting major feels that this was gonna end like the Bate VS A-Kid match I played for you recently. Hmm, I think it's safe to say at this point, I've become pretty obsessed with British wrestling. This run we have been on has been probably my favorite we've ever done. All these matches have over delivered imo. Even the Big D!!!!! I ain't getting off this train yet my beautiful southern bell.

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