Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Clap More, Chant Less

Candice LeRae VS Christina Von Eerie - Beyond Wrestling 11/15/2013

JJZ: So watching Candice matches for this week has made me realize she is a better technician than I thought. One of our many matches from Beyond, this takes place in what I'm guessing is their school. I've seen a good amount matches from this venue and I love the fans at this place. Never too chant heavy, always giving the wrestlers appreciation for what they're doing in the ring. After the last couple of matches we shared I wanted to play forward something that told a story in the ring, with a slow build to the highspots, and some good falsies. This match checked all those boxes. I've seen only a few CVE matches so I was pretty green going into this match and was impressed with her. I think you'll really enjoy this one.

CJD: I knew Candice was technically sound but this is definitely the most I've seen her act as a ring general previous to signing. It caught me by surprise as well. She did a great job pacing this match and connecting with the crowd. Speaking of the crowd, that guy in the Broncos sweater was LOVING this match! I get what you're saying completely about how they react, there's maybe what, 30-40 people there paid? And they're louder than some 205 Live shows (unfortunately). This match had almost the feeling of two training partners, there was a familiarity but at the same time a nastiness to it that I really liked. It switched gears from chain wrestling to stiff shots nicely and like you said had a good end run. This is maybe the fourth or fifth Von Eerie match I've seen and I still don't have a great read on her. Curious to see what I come back at you with next week.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Wrestling Is Forever

Matt Cross/Ivelisse VS World's Cutest Tag Team - Bar Wrestling 6/8/2017

CJD: Some weeks we put a lot of research into what match we decide to play forward, and sometimes something perfect falls right into your lap. This was the latter this week. World's Cutest Tag Team will probably go down as one of the more underrated tag teams ever. Legitimately a great babyface duo. I'm not that familiar with Ivelisse but Cross puts in a performance strong enough for both of them. And while I don't know which way you'll go (you certainly have lots of options), this at least gives you the choice if you want to take us back to some women's wrestling. Either way I think you're going to enjoy this one.

JJZ: I did not want to leave the land of the ladies so quickly but my hand was forced, so I'm super fucking stoked to be back so soon. Great crowd to start the match. Also loving the ceiling decorations. Bar Wrestling is such a fun promotion that I'm dying to hear the origin story of. Joey was one of the PWG Six but stopped working there and started his own promotion a few years back. Baldwin Park was like a teenager seeing a titty for the first because they were exploding when any action was happening. This was a super Indy spotfest that was so enjoyable to watch. Joey and Candice are so fun together that if intergender wrestling was a thing in WWE they would be signed together no doubt.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

He's Hot Fire, Check It & See, He's Got A Fever Of 100.3

Myron Reed VS Matt Cross - Smash Wrestling 7/14/2018

JJZ: So I'm pretty familiar with Smash from watching a ton of Chris Hero there. The former backyard superstar Matt Cross I have always found very fun to watch and him versus Reed is just the kinda match I'm in the mood to watch right now. I'm surprised finding out from commentary that Cross put Smash on the map since they are a Canadian promotion and he's from Ohio. Kind of an odd combination. Both these guys can bump their asses off. The story that I'm reading from this match is a veteran high flyer trying to take a greenie high flyer to school. But at the end of the day it's pretty much a fun spot fest. Life is good and so is wrestling.

CJD: Strangely enough this is exactly the match I'm in the mood for right now as well. Such an easy watch and such a good performance from both guys. I have to disagree that it boils down to a spotfest, I think this is a match very much based on hierarchy and strong fundamentals. Cross calls the shots and Reed follows, with a few moments to shine, but even for a high flying match this is "less is more" which I'm always a fan of. This one flies by in the best way possible. Nice choice JJZ!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Mason-Dixon Tri-state Outercontinental WWKD Champions #31-40

As PIF closed out 2018 and crept closer and closer to our fiftieth Champion, we continued to explore uncharted territory. From American heavyweights, to an indy classic, to women's wrestling, where will the big gold imaginary belt end up next??

31. Rob Van Dam
Because of course it had to go to RVD after Sabu. Teenage CJD and JJZ would have been very happy with this couple of weeks of matches.

32. Batista
33. JBL
34. Undertaker
And then teenage us would have been quite perplexed! But we can certainly enjoy some New York style heavyweight TV wrestling these days, and these were some fine examples of it. JBL's featured matches against Batista and Undertaker were two pleasant surprises indeed.

35. CM Punk
36. Jimmy Rave
Two early 2000s rising indy stars that went on totally divergent paths. I'd make the argument that Punk would have never gotten his chance in WWE if it wasn't for this feud with Rave, so I'm glad to highlight it.

37. AR Fox
A wild man indeed. His matches showed quite a range of what he's capable of from total shitbag heel to straight up firey babyface.

38. Kimber Lee
The First Lady of PIF! And not a bad choice for such a lofty title whatsoever.

39. Heidi Lovelace
This was a great chance for both John and myself to get more familiar with Lovelace's career before she became Ruby Riot, an area we were both quick to admit we were far too ignorant of.

40. Seleziya Sparx
A total unknown to both of us before she hoisted the imaginary strap. Dare I say the most unlikely MDTSOCWWKD Champion yet?? With plenty more to come I'm sure!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Next Time On PIF Z

Myron Reed (c) VS Jake Something - Glory Pro Crown Of Glory Championship 10/20/2017

CJD: Jake Something is up there in the amount of total matches watched for me before picking what I would play forward. Which is no knock against him. In fact the exact opposite, after seeing a wide variety of his stuff I'm high on him and I don't think he's even close to his ceiling. This in particular is a monster performance on his part which is part of why I picked it. Also I know you love a big man/little man match up where the size difference feels like a major factor, and I'd say they do that very effectively in this one. Myron Reed I've seen a decent amount of recently and the jury is still out on him for me. First half of this match I wasn't loving him but I thought he really brought it in the second half. This also closes out with a nice classic pro wrestling angle if you feel like getting invested in watching some more Glory Pro.

JJZ: I'm sitting in my chair with my daughter asleep on my right shoulder. I'm drinking a microwaved cup of leftover coffee from the morning trying to shake off my work day that I'm still feeling the effects of when I put this match on. A smile is brought to my face when I realize I'm about to watch a viking destroy a stowaway from his ship. These two do not look like they should be in the same ring together and man do they play off that. Reed trying to take risk after risk to get offense in while Jake looks like he is seconds away from breaking Myron in half. Not familiar with Glory Pro at all but they seem like a solid promotion. Really liked the intro that explained the importance of the match. Even though Lil' Bow Wow is out-sized and out-matched in almost every way, he still has a Champion's fire and feel about him. These guys make this feel like it's gonna be the last match they ever wrestle and they totally locked me in.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Sparx Lights The Friction

Seleziya Sparx VS Jake Something - Superkick'd Pro Wrestling 8/17/2018

JJZ: Alright, I was really hoping to stay in the land of the ladies longer but with limited options it is what it is. Super Indy again with a hot crowd. I feel like I've seen Jake Something before but can't place him. To steal one of your sayings, Sparx is playing the plucky underdog babyface really well. Commentary isn't the greatest but we've heard worse. Not working super stiff, definitely more story focus here, reminding me of Chikara a little bit. This match isn't flawless by any means but takes you on a ride in a short matter of time. Loved that Jake Something had a Goku tat popping out above his knee pad.

CJD: Sometimes I think we're overstating how much matches we're sharing from a few years ago helped change the game for indy wrestling. Then we have such a stark contrast from last week to this week with this very recent match. This looks like it was shot for Ultimate Rap League in front of a crowd that's not that far off. Both wrestlers play their roles effectively and Sparx, as you said, is a PUB through and through. This has symptoms of what I don't like about most intergender wrestling but they both work hard to compensate for those rough edges. Good stuff all around and most of all I'm curious to see more from Superkick'd!