Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Sparx Lights The Friction

Seleziya Sparx VS Jake Something - Superkick'd Pro Wrestling 8/17/2018

JJZ: Alright, I was really hoping to stay in the land of the ladies longer but with limited options it is what it is. Super Indy again with a hot crowd. I feel like I've seen Jake Something before but can't place him. To steal one of your sayings, Sparx is playing the plucky underdog babyface really well. Commentary isn't the greatest but we've heard worse. Not working super stiff, definitely more story focus here, reminding me of Chikara a little bit. This match isn't flawless by any means but takes you on a ride in a short matter of time. Loved that Jake Something had a Goku tat popping out above his knee pad.

CJD: Sometimes I think we're overstating how much matches we're sharing from a few years ago helped change the game for indy wrestling. Then we have such a stark contrast from last week to this week with this very recent match. This looks like it was shot for Ultimate Rap League in front of a crowd that's not that far off. Both wrestlers play their roles effectively and Sparx, as you said, is a PUB through and through. This has symptoms of what I don't like about most intergender wrestling but they both work hard to compensate for those rough edges. Good stuff all around and most of all I'm curious to see more from Superkick'd!

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