Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Wrestling Is Forever

Matt Cross/Ivelisse VS World's Cutest Tag Team - Bar Wrestling 6/8/2017

CJD: Some weeks we put a lot of research into what match we decide to play forward, and sometimes something perfect falls right into your lap. This was the latter this week. World's Cutest Tag Team will probably go down as one of the more underrated tag teams ever. Legitimately a great babyface duo. I'm not that familiar with Ivelisse but Cross puts in a performance strong enough for both of them. And while I don't know which way you'll go (you certainly have lots of options), this at least gives you the choice if you want to take us back to some women's wrestling. Either way I think you're going to enjoy this one.

JJZ: I did not want to leave the land of the ladies so quickly but my hand was forced, so I'm super fucking stoked to be back so soon. Great crowd to start the match. Also loving the ceiling decorations. Bar Wrestling is such a fun promotion that I'm dying to hear the origin story of. Joey was one of the PWG Six but stopped working there and started his own promotion a few years back. Baldwin Park was like a teenager seeing a titty for the first because they were exploding when any action was happening. This was a super Indy spotfest that was so enjoyable to watch. Joey and Candice are so fun together that if intergender wrestling was a thing in WWE they would be signed together no doubt.

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