Tuesday, January 15, 2019

He's Hot Fire, Check It & See, He's Got A Fever Of 100.3

Myron Reed VS Matt Cross - Smash Wrestling 7/14/2018

JJZ: So I'm pretty familiar with Smash from watching a ton of Chris Hero there. The former backyard superstar Matt Cross I have always found very fun to watch and him versus Reed is just the kinda match I'm in the mood to watch right now. I'm surprised finding out from commentary that Cross put Smash on the map since they are a Canadian promotion and he's from Ohio. Kind of an odd combination. Both these guys can bump their asses off. The story that I'm reading from this match is a veteran high flyer trying to take a greenie high flyer to school. But at the end of the day it's pretty much a fun spot fest. Life is good and so is wrestling.

CJD: Strangely enough this is exactly the match I'm in the mood for right now as well. Such an easy watch and such a good performance from both guys. I have to disagree that it boils down to a spotfest, I think this is a match very much based on hierarchy and strong fundamentals. Cross calls the shots and Reed follows, with a few moments to shine, but even for a high flying match this is "less is more" which I'm always a fan of. This one flies by in the best way possible. Nice choice JJZ!

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