Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Baby, Remember My Name

CJD: This match is fascinating to me for a few reasons. One is it's so competitive, even more than some PPV matches at the time. As a kid I never understood why Hercules was always so protected (although I obviously didn't understand that concept), but having gone back and watched a good amount of his work in the territories I can see now why promoters had a high opinion of him. I also think this match is interesting because there's clearly a real craft to what these enormous roided up meatheads are doing here. There's a dance to this match that's not unique for Macho Man at the time, but is still beautiful in its brunt force mixed with grace. Needless to say Savage makes Hercules look like a million bucks from beginning to end. And lastly, any chance I get to watch Sherri work her magic, I'll gladly do so. This match was a total curiosity when I threw it on and it went well above my expectations.

JJZ: Right off the bat, I did not know the Macho King started in '89. I thought it was in '91. Weird thought just popped in my head. If you asked me my top ten wrestlers of all time, Savage wouldn't come to mind. If I broke it down though he 100 percent should. Work rate, selling, promos, psychology. His game had it all. Could you imagine Macho Man VS Eddie or Danielson? That would be insane. Now, in this match imo Randy carries Hernandez. Hercules does fine, he doesn't bring tbe match down at all but the Macho King makes the moment special. Great pick baby.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Back Next Week

We're doing a holiday reset this week, but will be back with a Tuesday AND Friday post next week! I know it's been hard for the FanCam Connection to keep up with the 2x/week updates lately, and I honestly don't think it will get any easier through the holiday season. Hopefully we can get back into a rhythm as things calm down after. Be kind to each other out there, and don't forget to love yourself!

Friday, November 17, 2023

Forever Forward Fridays

CJD: Did you know that Yumiko Hotta also competed in MMA? And lost a fight to Gabi Garcia? Now you do! I learned quite a bit about her and Mariko Yoshida researching this match. Yoshida is a curious case to me, as some people consider her an all-time great, and there's flashes I've seen in what I've watched. But she's never jumped off the screen to me. I did learn that she innovated the Air Raid Crash while reading up about her career though, which was also news to me! Anyway, about this match. It's a masterful performance from Hotta working on top but giving a very competitive match to a rising star. I knew Yoshida was in for a beating heading in but was pleasantly surprised at how she brought that fight and how Hotta played off it. This is not a match where everything is hit perfectly but that's half the charm. This is a match that will make you wince and say "god damn!" on occasion. And I'm curious if you can find gold with Mariko based on the reputation she has in some circles. But mostly I'm curious how you feel about this match JJZ??

JJZ: This was a really fascinating watch man. It felt like a fight between an older and younger sibling. The older one, Hotta is just kicking the shit out of the younger one Yoshida but every now and then Mariko is able to pop Yumiko really good. Hotta's no selling on a lot of the punches added to that vibe also. I did not know the Hotta fought in MMA before, that's pretty fucking wild. You can see she can kick the shit out of someone in this match. All the powerbombs, back drops and piledrivers were wincing moments like you said. I really did find myself pulling for the PUB (plucky underdog babyface!) by the end. That finish was pretty sick. Enjoyed this one man.

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Light Up The Sky Like A Flame

JJZ: Right off the bat the commentary is trash cans. As for the match, it's different than I expected but totally won me over by the end. It was more of a fight than a match honestly. A back and forth slugfest. Everything was super snug and hit with intention. The build to get to the piledriver  by both guys was really well done and the payoff was so well executed. Love the finish. There was a few moments that I thought to myself "I ain't playing this one forward!" but something about it really spoke to me. I dunno man, maybe this is a swing and a miss but I think these guys told the story they intended to.

CJD: Put some respect on Leaping Lanny's name! His commentary isn't exactly edge of your seat here, but for something clearly recorded in post (and not pretending otherwise) I thought it was a perfectly fine piece of business. John I can see why you'd second guess playing this match forward. It is slow for the first 5 minutes or so, no doubt. There's a weird hybrid of amateur wrestling and something that almost resembles what would become MMA? Catch wrestling maybe to an extent? And it's interesting, but not exactly the most engaging. But man, this match is so well executed overall, to borrow one of your comments. This is 1982 or 1983 (I don't think a firm date has been established, which is crazy). ICW was supposedly way ahead of its time but really think about that. The entrance music, the big cage blow off, the top rope moves, the super violent nature of it. It's not so much that nobody else was doing any of this stuff, World Class was certainly right there with them. But this is state of the art for the time. It might not have been a homerun but it's a triple that knocks in 3 ribbies. Sorry to use a baseball metaphor after the Phils heartbreaking loss. This match does so much right, including that fucking note perfect finish, that I'd sit through 10, 15, hell 20 minutes of slow burn grappling. This is a piece of pro wrestling history I was totally unaware of, and I'm so glad you brought it to my attention!!

Friday, November 3, 2023

Forever Forward Fridays

JJZ: Baby cakes! Dude, I'm loving the 80s Bull Nakano. You can totally see her rawness and potential for greatness. Really reminds me of young Foley. Which might be a insulting to Bull since she started before Foley. Anyway. Super aggressive, fun, wild, scary. All words to describe this match CJD. Now I have no clue who Hotta is, but I like her a lot. I wasn't expecting anything close to what I got from her in this match. She seemed like an Arn Anderson workrate type of wrestler. Can't wait to see what you kick back over to me baybay! Happy viewing!

CJD: My knowledge of Hotta is one or two noteworthy matches with Aja Kong in the 90s, so right off the bat I am so excited to get more familiar with her. I loved the styles clash in this one. The struggle to keep shoulders off the mat. Bridges are hard, my friend! There was a rawness to this match like you said, that was a welcome change of pace from a lot of wrestling. I also have so much love for this half shaved, flop hawk look for Bull. This match isn't one to spend a lot of time overthinking or analyzing. It's a good struggle that flies by between two women blazing an awesome path in pro wrestling. And that's all you need!