Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Clap More, Chant Less

Candice LeRae VS Christina Von Eerie - Beyond Wrestling 11/15/2013

JJZ: So watching Candice matches for this week has made me realize she is a better technician than I thought. One of our many matches from Beyond, this takes place in what I'm guessing is their school. I've seen a good amount matches from this venue and I love the fans at this place. Never too chant heavy, always giving the wrestlers appreciation for what they're doing in the ring. After the last couple of matches we shared I wanted to play forward something that told a story in the ring, with a slow build to the highspots, and some good falsies. This match checked all those boxes. I've seen only a few CVE matches so I was pretty green going into this match and was impressed with her. I think you'll really enjoy this one.

CJD: I knew Candice was technically sound but this is definitely the most I've seen her act as a ring general previous to signing. It caught me by surprise as well. She did a great job pacing this match and connecting with the crowd. Speaking of the crowd, that guy in the Broncos sweater was LOVING this match! I get what you're saying completely about how they react, there's maybe what, 30-40 people there paid? And they're louder than some 205 Live shows (unfortunately). This match had almost the feeling of two training partners, there was a familiarity but at the same time a nastiness to it that I really liked. It switched gears from chain wrestling to stiff shots nicely and like you said had a good end run. This is maybe the fourth or fifth Von Eerie match I've seen and I still don't have a great read on her. Curious to see what I come back at you with next week.

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