Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Infatuation, She's A Fatal Attraction

Christina Von Eerie VS Masada - CZW Fatal Attraction Match 2/2/2013

CJD: I was having some trouble finding a CVE match to play this week. I didn't want to pluck you right back out of the land of the ladies, I didn't want to play an intergender match, and I certainly didn't want to play an intergender deathmatch! You know I struggle with intergender matches to start with, especially anything that goes in the hardcore direction. But I'll be honest, what I've seen from Von Eerie has not exactly won me over, and I was desperate. This match kept popping up, and I gave in and watched it. This is, in my opinion, a very good, borderline great deathmatch.

You also know that I cut my teeth on 90s deathmatch wrestling, and have a love for the art of how to construct a match like this and not make it mindless. They absolutely captured that. There's some moments that aren't great, which I think any sane fan would expect, and the finish isn't great. There are some moments where I wanted to stop watching, but I'm glad I didn't. These are two professionals putting on a hell of a performance, and the last moment we see from them at the end of the video made me respect both of them that much more.

JJZ: Why in the hell is she working a death match in a sports bra? An intergender death match really evens the playing field and makes it believable that CVE can get a win here. I thought the match proved its point around the sixteen minute mark. After that I thought it was a little overkill. Crazy spots aplenty here. CVE was a fucking champion but she should have been throwing the hardware a little harder. Definitely the most cringe-worthy match in PIF history. I thought both wrestlers came out in the end looking great.

A funny point while watching was my 9-year-old son walked by during a moment when CVE was covered in blood. Before I could turn off the TV he looks at me and says "Boys can wrestle girls?!" Totally giving no fucks about the blood and barbed wire and mayhem.

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