Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Kaze Ni Nare

Minoru Suzuki VS KENTA - NOAH 8/27/2005

JJZ: This is total selfish pick. We've both seen it before. We both love it. I was itching for a match like this. KENTA getting his release gives me hope that he will go back to NOAH and be the Minoru Suzuki to the next big NOAH star that can bring them back to the top of the Puro scene. This match doesn't really need a breakdown. Read the wrestlers names and you know what this match is all about.

CJD: I'm sure I have seen this one before but I didn't remember much about it. I loved the way it started off, totally believable and had me popping. This was, as you said, exactly what you would expect from these two around this time, and that's not a bad thing at all. Also, I like that we've managed to put the belt on the two men on our banner at the top of the page before we hit our 50th Champ! Kind of a lay up but I'll be happy to sit down to some classic NOAH any given Tuesday.

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