Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Who Are Your Top 10 ATDMWR?

Masada VS Jun Kasai - FREEDOMS Pain Limit Finals 8/27/2012

JJZ: Both of these gentlemen are bleeding from the head before the match even starts. I always find it interesting when death matches start with wrist locks but but that doesn't last too long here. This match is brutal. Just some sick crazy stuff. Jun and Masada are a couple of death match legends so I wouldn't expect anything less. I'm loving that they have all these weapons under the turnbuckles. I can also honestly say there is shit I've never seen before in this match. It gets me thinking about where I'd place Masada and Jun in the all-time death match wrestler rankings. Or as I like to call it the ATDMWR. Jun would be top 10 for sure, with Masada not far behind. No matter where they rank this shit was fun.

CJD: God damn. I threw you probably the biggest curveball in PIF history and you squared it up and hit it right out of the park! This match is exactly what I'm talking about, an ultraviolent deathmatch done right. It builds logically, gets you invested in who wins and loses, and isn't just about the disgusting shit they put each other through. But make no mistake, these two are willing to do some of the most disgusting shit you'll see in any deathmatch. This is still a little above and beyond of what I usually prefer but I have to give it up to both guys, this match was awesome. If you didn't pull an Ace out of your deck with this one then at very least it's a King of Spades. I know to people who don't get it deathmatches seem like a snuff film, but to me they're almost therapeutic. When you're feeling down and out in life, just remember what Jun Kasai and Masada went through in the Pain Limit Finals in 2012. You won't feel so bad!

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