Tuesday, January 8, 2019

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Myron Reed (c) VS Jake Something - Glory Pro Crown Of Glory Championship 10/20/2017

CJD: Jake Something is up there in the amount of total matches watched for me before picking what I would play forward. Which is no knock against him. In fact the exact opposite, after seeing a wide variety of his stuff I'm high on him and I don't think he's even close to his ceiling. This in particular is a monster performance on his part which is part of why I picked it. Also I know you love a big man/little man match up where the size difference feels like a major factor, and I'd say they do that very effectively in this one. Myron Reed I've seen a decent amount of recently and the jury is still out on him for me. First half of this match I wasn't loving him but I thought he really brought it in the second half. This also closes out with a nice classic pro wrestling angle if you feel like getting invested in watching some more Glory Pro.

JJZ: I'm sitting in my chair with my daughter asleep on my right shoulder. I'm drinking a microwaved cup of leftover coffee from the morning trying to shake off my work day that I'm still feeling the effects of when I put this match on. A smile is brought to my face when I realize I'm about to watch a viking destroy a stowaway from his ship. These two do not look like they should be in the same ring together and man do they play off that. Reed trying to take risk after risk to get offense in while Jake looks like he is seconds away from breaking Myron in half. Not familiar with Glory Pro at all but they seem like a solid promotion. Really liked the intro that explained the importance of the match. Even though Lil' Bow Wow is out-sized and out-matched in almost every way, he still has a Champion's fire and feel about him. These guys make this feel like it's gonna be the last match they ever wrestle and they totally locked me in.

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