Saturday, January 12, 2019

Mason-Dixon Tri-state Outercontinental WWKD Champions #31-40

As PIF closed out 2018 and crept closer and closer to our fiftieth Champion, we continued to explore uncharted territory. From American heavyweights, to an indy classic, to women's wrestling, where will the big gold imaginary belt end up next??

31. Rob Van Dam
Because of course it had to go to RVD after Sabu. Teenage CJD and JJZ would have been very happy with this couple of weeks of matches.

32. Batista
33. JBL
34. Undertaker
And then teenage us would have been quite perplexed! But we can certainly enjoy some New York style heavyweight TV wrestling these days, and these were some fine examples of it. JBL's featured matches against Batista and Undertaker were two pleasant surprises indeed.

35. CM Punk
36. Jimmy Rave
Two early 2000s rising indy stars that went on totally divergent paths. I'd make the argument that Punk would have never gotten his chance in WWE if it wasn't for this feud with Rave, so I'm glad to highlight it.

37. AR Fox
A wild man indeed. His matches showed quite a range of what he's capable of from total shitbag heel to straight up firey babyface.

38. Kimber Lee
The First Lady of PIF! And not a bad choice for such a lofty title whatsoever.

39. Heidi Lovelace
This was a great chance for both John and myself to get more familiar with Lovelace's career before she became Ruby Riot, an area we were both quick to admit we were far too ignorant of.

40. Seleziya Sparx
A total unknown to both of us before she hoisted the imaginary strap. Dare I say the most unlikely MDTSOCWWKD Champion yet?? With plenty more to come I'm sure!

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