Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Take Your Breath In A Slugfest With A Suplex

Chris Hero VS Necro Butcher - IWAMS British Rounds Match 1/21/2006

JJZ: This is a masterpiece. This match takes me back to a time when we watched so much wrestling together. I would have killed to have been there live for this. It was beautiful to watch Hero doing what he does best, working the crowd, selling like a beast, and telling a story like no other. Necro plays his part perfectly with that tiny crowd dying for him to get his hands on Hero. I totally forgot Trik Davis was a thing. This match was a journey that I couldn't get enough of. I was happy to play this forward to really highlight that Hero always has had a fantastic mind for the sport. To have a match with very little action to be honest with so much story telling for over 30 mins is just talent. Who's your Hero? Chris Hero!

CJD: The first thing that came to mind while watching this is the booking is brilliant. It reminds me so much of a classic World Class or Mid South angle and match, minus the British Rounds stipulation. Despite what a throwback style of angle this is it never feels like like an homage or parody of anything else, it's uniquely its own thing, and it's the genuine article. Everyone involved in this match, from the bit players to the main characters, make me believe what they're doing 100%. Say what you will about Ian Rotten but this was always one of his best qualities, and I think he really instilled it in the young talent that came through IWAMS. It's carny as hell and that's what the roots of good pro wrestling are all about.

Trik Davis was definitely a thing, as white meat as a babyface can be in an era where nobody wanted to be one. Hero's angle with him and feud with Cannon around this time is still some of my favorite stuff he's ever done in his very prolific career. Our next Mason Dixon Tri State Outercontinental Champion after Necro will be our 100th but I kind of wish our imaginary title lineage just ended here before we hit that milestone. We don't usually rate matches but if this isn't five snowflakes then I don't know what is. Necro's banter with Hero prematch is worth 1 and 4/5s stars alone by my scorecard. Thanks so much for bringing this one into my life.

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