Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Crowning The 100th Mason-Dixon Tri-state Outercontinental WWKD Champion

Jun Kasai VS G-Raver - GCW DeathMatch 8/23/2019

JJZ: So there was a few times during this match that I thought "Well I ain't playing this forward!" So that tells you this match isn't perfect. But what it lacks in perfection it makes up for in brutality. Super Indy with a single cam and no commentary. I'm pretty sure this was actually filmed by a fan. I know fun isn't usually a word to describe a death match but damn this was a fun ride. You've got all the crazy shit you can handle with a lot of "Jesus Christ!" moments. G-Raver is a name I know but have only seen a few matches of. Dude seems like he's got all the tools to be a top flight death match wrassler. And Jun is Jun, cream of the crop.

CJD: With the Crazy Monkey making history here at PIF in the annals of our prestigious imaginary Championship lineage, I'd say he's the cream of the crop indeed. As Macho Man said, nobody does it better!! And it surprises me to say that about Kasai because for a long time he was someone I enjoyed but didn't care too much about either way. But you can see in the matches we've featured from him, VS Masada, VS Necro, and here VS G-Raver, somewhere in the past decade he became a complete package as far as all-time great deathmatch wrestlers go. I'd like to think that coming up under the learning tree of guys like Yamakawa and Honma and watching them lay out masterpieces when he was just a little chimp had something to do with it. This is from a GCW show in Japan, it seems like it is a fancam which I don't mind at all. Adds to the chaotic feel. And hopefully the upload stays up despite that because this was tons of fun, just as you said. G-Raver brought some awesome spots that didn't require too much fuss, Kasai put together a simple, satisfying, brutal main event deathmatch, and we have a very fitting match to crown our 100th Champ as he flips us all the double deuce!

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