Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Deep Waters, Pulling Me Down, Deep Waters, Afraid I'll Drown

Chris Hero VS Matt Riddle - EVOLVE 71 10/16/2016

CJD: When we started Play It Forward there was a short list of guys and girls I wanted to strap the MDTSOCWWKD Championship on (ie feature matches from) as fast as possible. And it's crazy to think almost 100 matches later we're just getting to Chris Hero. But here we are! Technically Riddle is still our Champ this week and I'm glad because this is my favorite type of performance from him. Hero beats him down to the point the calm cool demeanor is stripped away. It's easy to forget how good Deep Waters' selling and fire can be but it's on full display here. The pace of this one is deliberate but it makes perfect sense with Hero controlling the tempo most of the time. I think it loses the crowd a bit by the end but their loss is my gain. I badly miss this run of Hero's career, luckily there's plenty of greatness to go back and dissect. Maybe not the GOAT as he convincingly would claim but a strong case for best in the world at the time.

JJZ: Chris Mother Fucking Hero in 2016/17 was the BITW in my opinion. Interesting MDTSOCWWKD run for Riddle with his match last week at full bro level and this match when he was still a baby bro. I like this match for the simple reason I haven't seen Riddle work from under very often. He has good fire and gets good sympathy from the fans. Hero is such an arrogant veteran dickhead that even though I love him I still kinda find myself rooting for Riddle. You can sense that Hero knows he needed to pick up the urgency when Matt starts going for kill shots. I thought the crowd was still along for the ride, and I was too.

Editor's note: This match has been taken down since we originally shared it. We'll check back periodically to see if we can find a new link. We apologize for the inconvenience!

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