Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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Jun Kasai VS Necro Butcher - FREEDOMS 6/21/2010

CJD: I never knew this match happened and after watching it I can kind of see why. When you see these two names on paper you're expecting an absolute horror show. Instead what we have here is a more straight forward match that's still deceptively brutal and sick, but isn't gimmick focused or particularly noteworthy in either man's DeathMatch Hall of Fame careers. Except for the fact that they did face each other in a singles match, and it was damn good, which I still think is pretty noteworthy!

Since this one flew under my radar I went in with low expectations, especially since most of Necro's work in Japan was just alright. He says he felt held back in Big Japan but in FREEDOMS it seemed like he had exactly the match he wanted. You see the versatility of both him and Kasai on full display here, that they're more than just psycho bump machines. But reminiscent of another match we shared at PIF, Cactus Jack VS Tarzan Goto, there are still psycho bumps masterfully tucked away in this match that will catch you off guard like crunching into a bite of pretzel in a candy bar.

So here we are babycakes. Next week we officially have our one hundredth Mason Dixon Tri-state Outercontinental WWKD Champion of the World, and our first two time Champ. Back when we watched a baby Crazy Monkey's arm shredded to the bone on your CZW VHS over and over again, did you ever imagine his career would reach such lofty heights??

JJZ: Loving that the first two time MDTSOCWWKD Champion is also our 100th champion. Would have never thought it'd be that crazy son of a bitch from CZW UN f'n believable, Jun Kasai! I still have that VHS. So this ain't no lighttube barbwired jamboree but this match has so many tight butthole moments. The off the charts stiffness mixed with the use of foreign objects made that Cactus VS Goto callback perfect Chris. Loved the top of the ladder throwdown and I cringed when Necro's head bounced off it later in the match. Was I alone in thinking that Jun giving Butcher a side suplex with two chairs around his neck could have ended really badly? I literally closed my eyes. Loved this match man. Can't wait to watch our next 100 matches.

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