Friday, October 18, 2019

Mason-Dixon Tri-state Outercontinental WWKD Champions #71-80

A journey into lucha libre and some of the deepest dives into the indies we've done yet made for a very fun and different ten champs as we creep closer and closer to the big old 100 mark!

71. El Hijo Del Santo/Negro Casas
Well it took fifty singles title changes since the Usos, but we finally have our second ever Mason Dixon Tri-State Outercontinental WWKD Tag Team Champions! And these two make strange bedfellows indeed, but they worked together to have a bust-ass match against Guerrero and Bucanero none the less. I wonder if we'll see tag champs go from opponents one week to partners the next ever again?

72. Ultimo Guerrero
73. Mistico
74. La Sombra
75. Rush
This was one hell of a run of lucha Champs, transitioning from different generations and covering all different styles of matches. I have a feeling we're just scratching the surface for lucha here at PIF, which is fine by me.

76. the Briscoe Bros

And just like that we have our third tag team Champs. Dem boys to the rescue!

77. Samoa Joe
78. Christopher Daniels
These two had such similar, yet drastically different trajectories to their careers. They just feel right side by side.

79. Danny Dominion

We've had some obscure Champs here at PIF, but Danny Dominion might set the bar. Here's hoping we explore some 90s Japanese deathmatch sleaze or some equally murky waters to give DD a run for his money down the line.

80. Colt Cabana


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