Friday, May 15, 2020

Mason-Dixon Tri-state Outercontinental WWKD Champions #101-110

What crazy times we're all living through. Play It Forward started almost as a form of social distancing, to fill the gaping hole left by CJD and JJZ no longer getting to join each other in person for monthly wrestling viewing late night hang outs. As such it feels all that much more rewarding to us during times like these to keep that perpetual motion machine of pro wrestling positivity going, to maintain some semblance of normalcy that was already intended to help nurture a lifelong friendship turned long distance. And with all that in mind, this run of epic matches and imaginary champions was especially therapeutic for us the past few months!!

101. G-Raver
102. Matthew Justice
Not sure if these two are about the same age but they definitely are peers in terms of experience. And they're two of the best at what they do going right now. I was really happy to feature them back to back.

103. Nick Gage
How do you bridge the gap between two of the top current indy talents to an epic run of 90s greats? The motherfucking king, MDK all day, Nick FUCKING Gage, that's how!!

104. Psicosis
105. Eddie Guerrero
106. Tajiri
107. Rey Mysterio Jr
This is a dream Survivor Series team right here. We got into such a run of perfect TV matches with this group of all-timers, that it's easy to forget to the road that paved the way in was a Mexican DeathMatch where Psicosis and Gage bashed lighttubes over each other. And as always it's worth repeating, Eddie Guerrero is such a joy to watch perform. 

108. Dean Malenko
Is there a more fun wrestler to play as in video games? Dean is such a bad ass. I've seen some criticism over the years that he was more the product of working a technical gimmick that protected him rather than being a great technician himself. Bullshit. Give me a random Malenko match any day of the week. And twice on Sundays.

109. Steven Regal
110. Arn Anderson
Two of the rare technicians that can match Malenko mechanically. And boy do they match up beautifully against each other. Two great minds, two great performers, two great coaches, two greats, period.

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