Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Idea For King Of Trios Team: Wesley Blake/Blake Christian/Christian Cage

CJD: Josh Alexander is one of those really prominent names that I'm almost certain I've never seen before. The North were getting a lot of buzz before Page jumped to AEW and watching this match it's clear why. Blake Christian (now Trey Baxter) is a damn good face in peril here, and Alex Zayne is about the most 2002 wrestler on the indies so you must love him, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say what works in this match is like 75% the North running shit. They're really excellent here in a match that didn't need to be anywhere near as good as it was in the two spot on a 2020 indie show.

JJZ: I'm kinda shocked and then again not really surprised you've never seen Josh Alexander before. Him and All Ego have been partners for years but he never really stood out to me when I've watched him. I like Ethan ok but Zayne and Christian I have only a few matches under my belt. I wasn't expecting a ton with this match on paper then I saw the crowd and that it was an early show and I was super curious how this would go. Lots of credit to all four guys for saying fuck it and just go out and kill it. And for what the crowd was they gave good energy. There was some very innovative offense and extremely smooth transitions. I think all four of the wrestlers over delivered and I wouldn't have wanted to follow that.

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