Friday, July 8, 2022

Forever Forward Fridays

CJD: So my options with Parka Negra were limited. I feel like we say this a lot when backed into a corner but I really don't think it was his fault. He's probably the best person in this match for example. We started this AAA FFF rabbit hole with Auto Luchas and I doubt this is where it ends, but bring on more Auto Luchas!! This was paced well for a 3 way, had a few spots that popped me, and didn't do anything too dumb. That was about the best I could hope for this week. You know I'm not big on star ratings but this is **3/4 territory for me but the type of **3/4 you throw on a comp for the novelty of it.

JJZ: I had to stop and start this three times. Trying to watch a ten minute match while having family duties sometimes isn't as easy as you'd think. But the good thing is I got to rewatch that ridiculous Sasake Special into an insane moonsault like 10 times. So good. This match reminded me so much of an ECW THREE WAY DANCE!!!! A little sloppy, no real psychology, brutal spots and super fucking fun. This was just a fun junk food match that needs not to be over analyzed. It was enjoyable. Don't overthink anything about this one.

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