Tuesday, November 6, 2018

He's Sick Of All These People Talking Out Their Heads

Batista (c) VS JBL - WWE World Heavyweight Championship Bull Rope Match 9/9/2005

JJZ: JBL and bull rope matches seems like a no-brainer. Seeing Big Dave in '05 compared to now is crazy, he had so much more mass. As a person I feel like JBL is a piece of crap. From what I've read just a bad person. But as a wrestler he has my attention. Such a great heel. The back and forth is well done with great heat and energy. But to be honest these guys do very little in this match and are able to accomplish so much. And god damn I always forget how good JBL's lariat is. I liked the finish but what I liked more was Big Dave trying to work safe and it actually ending worse for JBL.

CJD: Ooof that shot! I don't know if the color was hardway or not based on where it hit him, but that made me cringe. You mentioned Mr H last week, and (not so) coincidentally I feel like from 2004-2005 he and I watched almost every episode of Smackdown together. That's a total exaggeration but this era is something I'll always hold dear to my heart. Particularly the Eddie/JBL and Eddie/Rey feuds. That said, I have absolutely no memory of this match! Maybe I just wasn't sold on Batista yet, and he was a bit clunky at times here. But overall this was a blast. If you want to break down the psychology pay close attention to how many times they attempt to touch the corners, what they accomplish each time they do, and how many times they repeat an attempt for the same purpose. This is the first pro wrestling match I've watched in over two weeks since getting back from my honeymoon and it did not disappoint.

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