Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Tell Your Children Not To Do What I Have Done

Jimmy Rave (c) VS AR Fox - AWE GWC Championship 2/21/2016

JJZ: Some newerish Rave. Going pretty indy for this one with the single cam action. Heard a new chant during this match that I got a kick out of. I'm 50/50 on Fox. He brings a wild man's approach to his matches that I do enjoy but I'm still not sure how he has never broken his neck. I think Rave is supposed to be the heel in the match but the crowd is going crazy for everything. Styles clash here or should I say Rave clash. Fox is trying to jump off of everything while Jimmy is grounding and grinding every chance he can. I'm digging this standing room only venue. This is a chant happy crowd biting on everything. I think both guys look great in this match, going all out for the fans, and I thought the ending was smart and fit the flow.

CJD: You mentioned the flow of this match and that's the main thing that stands out to me. This was just smooth. They put their foot on the gas when they needed to, but more importantly let things breathe to get the most out of everything. Rave looks like he's been skipping more than just leg days but he still makes this match look easy, and it isn't by the numbers by any means. He's also been wrestling in Georgia for the better part of two decades so this crowd is probably going to give him more leeway than most. He makes a great foil for Fox here who brings all his best qualities to the table. This is as indy as indy gets but it's also simply good fundamental pro wrestling.

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