Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Crazy Like AR Fox

AR Fox VS Kimber Lee - Beyond Wrestling 3/23/2014

CJD: If you're like me you were wondering when and how we'd get here. I'm not a fan of intergender wrestling. But I understand that we're in an era, on the US indies especially, where it's accepted and to an extent necessary. And I don't want PIF to exclusively be a boy's club, so I've been keeping my eye out for chances to cross this bridge. This seemed like as any. This was such a great heel performance from Fox, who is nothing if not unpredictable and captivating. Lee hung right in there and delivered on an equally high level as a babyface who you couldn't help but root to kick this living shit out of her opponent. There are some rough moments in this one, some pro wrestling at its finest booking choices, and man does that ref eat shit! But at the end of the day I dare you not to enjoy this ride. Beyond Wrestling delivers once again.

JJZ: Finally we are here! I've tried several times to break into women's wrestling and couldn't find anything of note. This is why Beyond is one of the best indies in the states. I always loved the secret show idea with the intimate venue. Really wish I knew if there was any backstory going into this match. Fox is playing such a good shit heel. Lee is pulling so much sympathy from the little crowd. I believe there is another first in PIF history in this match which caught me a little off guard in a good way. You got a little bit of indy sloppy joe but then they make up for it with a stiff drink on the side. You defiantly charted some new ground here baby cakes. Really excited to explore the roads we have found ourselves in front of.

CJD: Chickenshit all the way. I've said it before but I really love when we get to see two sides of the coin for a wrestler from week to week. Fox was so effective as a face last week but even better here as a heel for my money.

JJZ: And they did such a good job of building up to the point when Lee loses it. One hell of a receipt for all those kicks to the face.

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