Friday, November 6, 2020

Forever Forward Friday

Solo Darling VS Kelly Klein - ROH 1/15/2016

JJZ: Solo Darling is a great wrestling name. Since I first read it, it's been stuck in my head. I really enjoyed this match because all the gimmick work by Solo. This match was a lot earlier than her other match you played forward. I enjoyed seeing her growth as a wrestler between the two. Kelly plays a nice heel to Darling's spunky baby face roll. I've only seen a few of Klein's matches but have enjoyed her. Looking forward to what you play back to me.

CJD: So this will shock you on a Forever Forward Friday. But I've never seen Kelly Klein before! And I left this match really impressed. She knows how to carry herself with presence and has a great understanding of how her character translates into who she is in the ring. I've never seen this character from Solo before and I much prefer who she evolved into, but this was fun. A great example of how to get over a promotion's top talent while still making a big impression. I'm surprised she didn't become a Women of Honor mainstay. Almost as much as I'm surprised how much I enjoyed BJ Whitmer on commentary here. Fun watch.

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