Friday, November 13, 2020

Forever Forward Friday

Kelly Klein VS Deonna Purrazzo - ROH 5/13/2018

CJD: I love how we focus on the indies on Fridays. And I love discovering new wrestlers. But this was too bust-ass of a match to pass up on. These two have a long standing rivalry in ROH and it really feels like they were made for each other. And this is a great example of how to add another entry into a feud and keep it fresh when you've had a bunch of matches already. This TV match feels big start to finish and if we had to take a detour into Sinclair broadcasting territory, I'm glad it was exploring these Klein matches.

JJZ: Love having the independent legend Colt Cabana on color for this match. I didn't read your comments before I started it so Deonna running in so hot made me sit up straight in my seat. Didn't expect that fiery start. Without knowing anything going in you can sense the hate between these two. This is a well done back and forth grudge match. I saw both wrestlers shine with offense and selling. Klein has such a heel feel about her. She came into the match with such a "I don't give a fuck about you" attitude while Deonna had such a Deonna's Gonna Kill You attitude. I think this match warranted a dive back through their past matches baby cakes. Nice pick.

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