Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Double-Pump Finish In Traffic

Sabu VS 2 Cold Scorpio - ECW Hardcore Heaven 8/13/1994

CJD: You may have played this match for me decades ago. I'd be shocked if you haven't seen it. But I have no memory of it and I was thoroughly entertained. A clear step down from their Cyberslam match but this is when ECW is still finding their identity. The crowd is really tame by the mutants' standards for example. Identity is that exact word I think of watching ECW in this mid 90s era. They had such a clear one that they cultivated over these years while building their fanbase. It feels like looking back ECW just exploded onto the scene but growing up in the area we know better. This match is a great example of that, of creating a style, of establishing talent, and of training your audience to appreciate something new. Oh yeah and Sabu is batshit crazy in it and Scorpio is as good as he ever was. I know you're going to have thoughts on this one. Lay them on me.

JJZ: We could turn this blog into a rewatching ECW match review project and I'd love every moment of it. I've definitely seen this before and maybe have shown it to you but I'm not 100% on that. There is just something about ECW man. The unpredictability of it all. The split second change of directions. The way they even do certain moves would be different a lot of the time. 2 Cold doing the piledriver by pulling the tights and then grabbing Sabu around the waist. The sloppiness of it made it feel so real at times. And what the fuck was the inside outside off the chair dive Sabu did. I remember going to ECW shows and the pure excitement of what the hell is Sabu gonna do this time made ECW must see for me. This match is phenomenal Chris. Thank you.

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