Saturday, December 26, 2020

Forever Forward Friday

Louis Lyndon (c) VS ACH - AIW Intense Championship 3/14/2014

CJD: A little holiday delay there. But let's just pretend it's Friday, and on Forever Forward Fridays we love celebrating wrestlers of color and we love celebrating the indies. This match is quite the combo of both. ACH has had some big opportunities but has been more of a journeyman throughout his career as you covered, and Louis Lyndon is such an indy stalwart that AIW uses him as the measuring stick for outside talent when they first come in. This is a continuation of a feud that had been put on the backburner due to injury. A title defense in what feels like a significant Intense title run in AIW history. Another great classic babyface VS heel match up with some real twists and turns. And another appearance of FFF color commentary specialist BJ Whitmer!! What's not to love??

JJZ: This match went above my expectations. I've only seen a handful of Lyndon's matches so I was looking forward to diving into a few more. I think AIW is a great indy promotion that stays loyal to their local talent so I Iove that ACH and Louis had such a bust ass match for them. As the match progressed I kept on saying to myself "damn that look at that!" They kept it stiff but not too stiff with some holy fuck highspot moments. The way Louis locked in the Dragon Sleeper mid way in really popped me. I actually took it back to see it again. I thought both guys shined and left good impressions on the viewers with this match. Nice pick baby!

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