Tuesday, June 15, 2021

B Faultless Junky's Runnin' Dry


CJD: I was looking for something pretty different from your match to play forward. But unless I was going with a Kodaka singles match the material just wasn't there online. And I tried with Kodaka but you know I'm not a big fan, while I do like Tsukamoto. So here we have another undercard deathmatch. Well at least this time it's the semi main. And we have another team who are the clear favorites (B Faultless Junky's... how about that for your random Japanese team names) and two much less known guys giving them everything they've got. And you've got a simple gimmick in a barbed wire board match rarely done well these days. So very similar to your match despite my best efforts. But also like your match I think this way overdelivers. I'm also obviously giving you a path with a ton of options out with Takeda if you don't want to have to dig through the gutters like we've been doing a bit lately on Tuesdays. I'd probably take that road out if I were you in all honesty but you do you baby.

JJZ: I'll tell you what, the time on the match said 11 minutes but they made it feel like a 20 minute war. Love love love that this was just a barbed wire boards match. Not that that isn't insane but sometimes it nice to just focus on one crazy ass thing not seventeen. The last quarter of the match was really something. Edge of your seat material. I really enjoyed this one. Curious where it will lead me. Tsukamoto impressed me a lot in his matches last week and here. He definitely has that BJW toughness in him. I know both his matches were in the same vein but I think it was a little bit of a coming out party for him in my eyes.

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