Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Crazy Insane Kid, Or Insane Crazy Kid


JJZ: I know I've seen this match before, I don't know if you have though. Either way it is 100 percent worth a second watch. To put it simply, this match is wonderful. Technical, stiff, raw, aggressive, brilliant. Takeda impressed me so much with what he did. And on the flip side Johnny G impressed me with his striking. This is a 10 minute masterpiece. If I was there live for this I don't know what could've topped it because it was so much more than I thought it was gonna be. And I had high expectations, especially the second time around. Curious if either of these wrestlers will make your greatest wrestler project you're currently doing?

CJD: I have seen this before, I was there the night our good buddy Shaun "the Jawn" played us this gem! But make no mistake, I'll gladly rewatch this match any day of the week. It was one of my favorites of 2019 and you know that was a year loaded with wrestling I enjoyed. In fact, this very show was so stacked that one of the only matches that topped it for me happened later that night! And it wasn't the main event which most people had as match of the night!! It's funny to me that for a Bloodsport event the commentators are totally ignorant of Takeda's 11-4-1 MMA record and just want to play up his deathmatch background. I get pushing the styles clash but come on. I actually did nominate Gresham for #GWE26 but whether or not he gets my vote really depends on his next few years. Takeda I'd be surprised but if I can find more matches like this one then maybe! I think he's a very good, not great deathmatch wrestler, but I love him in matches where he brings that unpredictable edge to a different setting. As for this match you nailed everything great about it. So many wonderful transitions I totally forgot about. I love how it escalated. I love the finish. I love this match!

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