Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Flip Forever

Martin Stone VS Flip Gordon - Beyond Wrestling 1/27/2018

JJZ: Why the hell don't wrestlers these days care about wearing the same colors?! You'd never see Flair and Dusty both rocking black trunks with white trim. In spite of this ignorance this is a very good match. And with Scurll in the rear view he might want to watch this match to see how to work a finger. Just saying. Very nice flyer vs technician psychology in this match. Crowd is okay but Wrestle Factory crowds aren't always over the top.

I know I didn't do you any favors by picking a Martin Stone match Chris but ever since he changed his gimmick around the time of the UK tourney I've been a big fan and this match shined a bright light on both these wrestlers.

CJD: First of all, I'm almost positive I've watched a Flair VS Terry Taylor match where they're both wearing identical Kelly green trunks. Might have been VS Kerry Von Erich, but either way. I think you need to get over this fixation or you may not ever be able to enjoy pro wrestling again. Just saying.

Stone is one of those guys that I never seek out when I see him on paper but he adds a ton to any card he's on. It was really interesting to see Gordon work heel, using a lot of the same exact spots from last week, but getting legit heat with them. This was fun undercard wrestling 101, the type of match that keeps the pace of a show moving right along while still delivering something substantial and satisfying. I left the match wanting to watch more of both guys, and I'll do just that with Stone next week!

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