Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Stiff Shot Of Scotch

Drew Galloway (c) VS Will Ospreay - WCPW World Title 6/3/2017

CJD: Alright Alright! I'll see your Drew Galloway against smaller GIF machine indy star in a suit and raise you a Drew Galloway VS smaller GIF machine indy star in (half) a suit! Normally I think we both try to bring variety with the same wrestler week to week but this time the matches are fairly similar, right down to some silliness that I could do without in both. But once again when this one is good, it's damn good. Dare I say great. Between another stop along the way of Galloway's monster indy run and the story of Ospreay maturing and starting to become the complete package in the past two years, I think this one is well worth getting as many eyes on as possible.

JJZ: Third time I've watched this match and I'm really happy to watch it again. I always liked Ospreay but when I watched this match for the first time last year it made me go YES! That's what I'm talking about! His heel work is excellent and his placement of his highspots are spot on. They really showcase the size and strength difference well in this match. Drew comes out looking like a monster and Will comes across like a little shit you'd love to slap. The crowd was pretty good but I remembered them being hotter for some reason. The finishing stretch was done really well, I bit and thought both guys had the match won on several falsies. Well done Chris.

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