Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Simmering Up Some Stone Soup

Jon Davis (c) VS Martin Stone - USWA Elite Championship 6/25/2016

CJD: We've both watched an ungodly amount of indy wrestling in our lives. Well this is as indy wrestling as it gets. The venue, the crowd, the pace, the psychology, the hometown babyface champ that the fans cheer for on a first name basis. It has some warts which come with the style but on a whole I think this is a really quality performance from both guys. It also plays to the strength of your last match showing the heel side of Flip Gordon, with an excellent heel performance from Stone this week. Davis can be hit or miss so I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for him next week. I feel like I've given you a few curveballs lately!

JJZ: Loving this super indy feel right off the top. You described it perfectly. Strong baby/heel psychology in beginning. He's probably done it before but I totally popped for Stone's kip up. Davis is a solid seller and is really good at getting sympathy from the small crowd. Shout out to the women who non-stop tell Jon to come on. Fantastic, relentless limb work by Stone, great story telling, and I liked the ending stretch. It's sad to say but I was pleasantly surprised the modern indy crowd was into a match like this. These days it's usually go go go from the bell. I like that pace as well but it's nice to see a small crowd that's invested in a more methodical match. Good shit.

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