Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Anarchist VS The Nihilist

Arik Cannon VS Sabu - Heavy On Wrestling 3/23/2013

CJD: Cannon does so much, so so much, to make this match as good as it is. And this isn't just a nostalgia fest, this is legitimately a really good match, way better than I expected. I would have loved to dive into Cannon's underrated feud with Hero instead but I'm almost more excited to watch a great Sabu performance from 2013. So what is it about Arik Cannon? He almost reminds me of Matt Borne, where you look at him and you don't see much. Then you see him in a wrestling ring and it looks like there's nowhere else in the world he belongs. He's the type of guy that just makes things click and just like Borne his career probably won't get the attention it deserves. But in the long run what's more punk rock than that?

JJZ: He came down to his ECW music!!! Fuck man. Legit happiness when I saw this match. With Sabu's age I'm shocked this made the cut. This has such an ECW feel! Cannon would of fit perfectly. Could have slid right in with Balls and Axl. Sabu's chair throwing is insane. So much could go wrong. Missed spot by Cannon when he threw the chair and after it hit Sabu it unfolded and was set up to sit down. I would of took a seat. Super enjoyable match man. And I'm telling you right now!! I'm picking an ECW match for my Sabu match!

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