Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The First Rule Of Dark City Fight Club

Jon Davis VS Arik Cannon - Dragon Gate USA 9/9/2011

JJZ: The quality ain't great but I thought "the best right hand in professional wrestling" needed a title run.  The way I feel about Cannon is the way you feel about Eddie Edwards. And since I always considered Arik one of your guys I thought it was fitting to pick him. Similar story with your match of hometown guy VS the heel. Jon again does a great job of pulling sympathy for the crowd while Arik does the little things well to gain heat. I'm not sure were this fell on the card but I think it would of been a great opener. Everything was hit crisp and tight. Hope Pinky Sanchez is okay after that bump!

CJD: No wasted motion is an expression that gets overused in pro wrestling. I saw Davis waste some motion here and there. But really there wasn't much of it in this match. It flew by but didn't feel short by any means and every minute meant something. Cannon is so underrated, he's definitely a CJD guy. I'll talk about him more next week when he technically gets the strap but suffice to say I'm happy to deep dive into his matchography. While we're at it the Dirty Ugly Fucks were a really great little stable that never really went anywhere. And as for Davis, he might be our least likely champ yet, but I really dug his two straight up babyface ass kicker performances. In an era where everyone wants to fly or be a mat general I'll still gladly take a brute strength bad ass. And the VQ, while rough at first glance, didn't even register with me by the end. But we did come from the VHS tape trading generation after all.

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