Saturday, March 16, 2019

Mason-Dixon Tri-state Outercontinental WWKD Champions #41-50

The new year was an interesting start for PIF indeed, with some of the youngest blood to hold the big gold imaginary belt yet, passing it to indy veterans of both genders, to deathmatch antics, to a strong run of puro greats. JJZ and myself had one of our biggest disagreements on a match played forward, and we crowned our 50th, that's right 50th Champion! That means this blog has been going strong for a year straight of weekly updates with no signs of slowing down!

41. Jake Something
42. "Hot Fire" Myron Reed
When PIF started I hadn't seen a match from either of these two. Reed's pair of matches featured during his run as Champ impressed me far more than the little I'd seen of him previously in the past year, and Something was a total revelation. These kids can go!

43. Matt Cross
44. Candice LeRae

Even though Candice is a west coast girl, her connection to the Ohio scene makes this a very logical transition in our title lineage. These two just feel right following each other.

45. Christina Von Eerie
46. Masada

To be in a relationship (at the time) and be willing to have the deathmatch these two had against each other is... interesting. Putting their lives outside the ring aside, they put on a hell of a show, and then Masada somehow upped the ante in an even more brutal deathmatch with the following Champ!

47. Jun Kasai
48. Minoru Suzuki
Now these two on the other hand make absolutely no sense following each other, and the match that bridged the gap from one to the other made absolutely no sense to JJZ as a choice to be featured on our blog! We're all about the positivity at PIF, but what's wrong with a little healthy disagreement about pro wrestling and sushi between grown men every now and then??

Interesting side note, with the aforementioned 6 person intergender Oz Academy match, Ryuji Ito becomes only the second wrestler in PIF history to be featured in more than one match but never hold the MDTSOCWWKD Championship. The other? Jushin Liger! Another logical pairing!

50. Katsuhiko Nakajima
And then we got back on track to the meat and potatoes of the types of matches that we know and love oh so well. Including a very interesting oddball pairing tag match in ROH that's well worth putting some time aside to sit down to. Whew! Here's to another 50!

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