Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A Civil War Becoming Of Ungovernable Atoms

Rush VS La Sombra - CMLL 11/13/2015

JJZ: I'm familiar with Rush but still haven't watched a ton of his matches so I got excited when I saw this one. Right off the bat I'm not a fan of the commentary being a lot louder than the in ring action and crowd. Some FMW shit right here. There's also an odd clip but I ain't gonna hold it against the match. The meat of this match is the final fall, which to me was a true game of one upmanship. Both these boys were laying it in and taking risk after risk. Side note, I did not realize that La Sombra wrestled in Mexico without his mask. I always thought he took it off when he came to WWE. Side side note, If Vince ever gets his hands on Rush I'd bet he'd put him in a Tarzan gimmick. The pacing of the final fall feels like a puro match to me. Really enjoyed this match baby. Hope you do also.

CJD: I big timed you last week and you came and big timed me right back! Los Ingobernables founding members collide here as La Sombra takes on his stablemate days before it's announced he'll be leaving for WWE. If Rush were to ever follow suit and start a savages stable with Barbaro Cavernario and Cameron Grimes that would definitely be a shut up and take my money kind of situation. One-upmanship is a great way to describe this match, some of those moments right before the final fall are priceless. There was plenty of great action but I appreciated the amount of personality the match had even more so. These two make great partners and great enemies.

Editor's note: This match has been taken down since we originally shared it. We'll check back periodically to see if we can find a new link. We apologize for the inconvenience!

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