Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe

Christopher Daniels (c) VS Samoa Joe - TNA X Division Championship Match 4/13/2006

CJD: It's amusing to cross a 2006 TNA match off your bucket list, but that's what I'm doing by playing this match forward. Joe had been in TNA for almost a year at this point, and even reasonable fans who wouldn't watch TNA otherwise had seen a good amount of his highly touted matches with Styles and Daniels. This match on the other hand got a few great reviews from people who were willing to watch Impact! weekly, but in that era there was no easy way to watch after the fact. I tried to hunt the match for years but digging up hidden TNA gems was a futile task. Until this modern era of infinite possibility we live in.

This match didn't disappoint. Except for the god awful, what in the fuck were they thinking, as TNA as possible decision to join the match in progress after two or three key moments had already taken place. At first I was so frustrated that I finally found a version of this match but it wasn't complete. Then I immediately realized "oh wait, this is TNA." Otherwise, this match is spectacularly crisp, fast, violent, and smart. Especially when you consider the careers these two have continued to have years and years and years later. If this match was complete and people had actually watched it it probably would have been in talks a contender for one of the best of the year.

JJZ: Look at you with the JIP. Hot ass start. Joe looks fantastic, like a true monster. I've always been curious how many gems of Joe's I missed from TNA. Daniels' selling is so good in this match. I can't believe this wasn't the main event, the heat was insane. I was biting on every false finish and popped like a bottle of champagne at the end. Great match.

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