Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Rattled By The Rush

Briscoe Bros VS Rush/Dragon Lee - ROH 6/29/2019

CJD: We've featured some wild tag matches here at PIF, FMW in LA with Santo and Casas, Dan Spivey in All Japan taking on Misawa and Kawada, well I'd say this one stacks up with the best of them. Great crowd for a ROH TV taping. I was shocked to hear it was the ECW Arena. They really have transformed that place, it looks great. I thought these two teams brought the heat, cut a great pace, and wrestled one hell of a match!

JJZ: Right off the bat this match feels like a golden era ROH tag match that we've been in attendance for so many times. You know I love me some Briscoes and I'm a big fan of Lee. I forgot you haven't been to the new ECW Arena (2300 Arena), it really is fantastic. This match is a one hell of a banger. Bodies flying every which way, so many holy shit moments. The psychology is just go go go. Loved it. I got a world of options in front of me right now. Side note, CC is awful on color.

CJD: Ha. They both were driving me nuts. So many times I leave out comments I meant to include and then you hit on them for me, this definitely gave me deja vu to big attraction ROH tags we saw many times over. Side side note, I had no time to research this week and this one fell right into my lap. The Wrestling Gods giveth!

JJZ: YEAH they do. The amount of matches I got to pick from now are insane.

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