Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Keep On Workin' Like The Workin' Man Do

Briscoe Bros vs Samoa Joe/Homicide - ROH Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight 10/7/2006

JJZ: I tried to avoid playing this match forward, I'm pretty sure we've both seen it before. BUT! Every match I watched besides this one didn't give me that "I would rewatch this right now" feeling. This ROH era is your cup of green tea and I knew you wouldn't mind rewatching it if so. These four rip into each other like they have hate in their hearts and lead in their hands. It's funny watching the Briscoes not all tatted with long hair. Joe looked like a baby too and Homicide looked like Homicide. Love this era of wrestling.

CJD: I actually don't think I've seen this one before because the way they messed with the audio would stick with me. I thought that was a bit lame but otherwise I loved this match! Joe somehow looks younger than he did two years previous. Homicide is sporting one of my favorite gear combos as far as he goes. I love Joe's dynamic in tag matches in this era, with Lethal it's a very Misawa/Akiyama situation, with 'Cide it's much more like teaming with Kobashi. This felt very organic and nasty by the end. The build was surprisingly deliberate given the stipulation, but when all was said and done it delivered carnage and then some. And now I have all the options I could ever want laid out in front of me!

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