Friday, August 7, 2020

Forever Forward Friday

Dani Jordyn VS Kenzie Paige - SHW 11/1/2019

CJD: I watched a few SHW matches to find the Dani J match I'd answer with and I like what they're doing. I hope they come back strong after this all blows over because they were bringing in good hot crowds and giving them great action. This match is a perfect example, as action packed is exactly how I'd describe it. I watched other Jordyn performances that showcased what a terrific heel she is a bit better. I especially love how she knows when to slow a match down and what a vicious streak she has. And that's where this match shines, as Kenzie Paige matches every bit of that viciousness and ups the ante at times. She's crazy good for how young she is, a total believable ass kicker babyface. Both these girls are in AEW now but they were both totally new to me a week ago. Keeping things moving Forever Forward has required a bit more research but I'm loving what we're finding.

JJZ: Love the video quality. Right off the top I just want to say this match was so good. There were no real loser in this since both women made the other woman look better when the match was over. The heel/babyface dynamic was shining through the entire match. The crowd was pulling so hard for the youthful Kenzie while also hating Dani J. I loved Kenzie picking up the tempo then Dani bringing it back down. It played right into the finish which was great and made perfect sense with the pace of the match.

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