Friday, August 14, 2020

Forever Forward Friday

Kenzie Paige VS Jordynne Grace

JJZ: Off the top of my head I don't recall seeing anything for this promotion before. I've been in a real indy mood lately so this match is hitting the spot. Judging by the crowd reaction to Kenzie I wouldn't be surprised if this was her home company. I've become a fan of Grace over the years. The powerhouse heel is a role she takes to quite well. Paige's fire is lit from the bell and it literally brings the crowd out of their seats. The start of the match lays a nice baseline for the eventual fantastic home stretch. I really enjoyed getting familiar with Kenzie the past two weeks. I honestly see big things for her in wrestling. Excited so see what you bring back with Jordynne Grace next week.

CJD: I remember on an episode of the Card Is Going To Change the topic of the student draw came up. Basically how when you're a teenager bringing out friends and family you can't count on that for long, but also not to discount it either. Not every greenhorn can convince a bunch of friends and family to come spend money to watch them perform. As someone who had to do this a lot as a kid in bands growing up this resonated with me, and I respect this rabid crowd Paige has brought out here. Speaking of the extra research that has been going into Forever Forward Fridays, I can't even find the date or promotion this took place in. I'd guess it to be a bit earlier in Kenzie's very young career than last week's match and she improved in leaps and bounds between the two if so. Grace is a terrific touring heel here, making the hometown babyface look like a world beater in front of her people. This had a really indie charm like you mentioned and felt like I was watching a senior project in high school as much as a wrestling match. In an endearing way. And I haven't seen a ton of Grace so I'm also looking forward to digging deeper into her career!

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