Friday, August 21, 2020

Forever Forward Friday

Jordynne Grace VS Mercedes Martinez - F1RST Wrestling 3/21/2019

CJD: This is a dream match which means it's going to bring some high expectations. Luckily they were met and then some by the battle these two left in the ring. The first word I would use to describe Grace is polished, and when you take into consideration she's been wrestling since 2011 it's not surprising. What's that expression Colt likes to use, a 10 year overnight sensation? Mercedes Martinez is an intimidating opponent in a high profile match like this but Big Momma Pump isn't backing down. She reminds me of Dick Togo a bit with how explosive she is which is good company to be in. I hadn't heard Prazak call a match in a while and I didn't even recognize him at first. But by the end it was like hearing from an old friend.

JJZ: First thing I want to say is Mercedes Martinez is one of my favorite wrestling names ever. Since the first time I ever heard it, that name has stayed with me. It goes to show that a good wrestling name can matter in some ways. I always made a point to watch her when I could. Polished is a great word to use for Grace CJD. If you told me both women have been working the same amount of time I wouldn't think twice. This match is great. Strength VS experience. A super simple storyline executed perfectly with a hot crowd and a great finishing stretch. Very nice baby.

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