Friday, September 25, 2020

Forever Forward Friday

Kris Statlander VS AR Fox - Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory 3/4/2019

JJZ: So we are going to maybe my favorite indy promotion currently in Beyond Wrestling. Beyond has so many little independent wrestling touches. A ceiling that's far too low. A standing overcrowded room that in 2020 looks so ridiculous to me, and announcers that seem like they are always screaming into their mics. It also has an independent stalwart in AR Fox versus a white hot up and comer in Kris Statlander. I didn't realize her size until this match. She matches up great with Fox. I loved the "look what I can do!" approach to this match from her. And AR Fox really channels his independent veteran swag. Loved the finish and as always the Beyond crowd was excellent.

CJD: It's funny how you build an idea of a wrestler in your head before you see them in action for the first time. This is my first Statlander match and she's not what I expected. Not at all in a bad way. This is couldn't be a more night and day example but I remember after reading the name Jumbo Tsuruta for such a long time I had such a clear mental image even without ever seeing a picture before I got my first 80s RWTL VHS in the mail. This match reminded me of an opener for an ECW PPV. The Beyond match, not my first Jumbo match. Big goofy personalities, hot action, a lot going on in a short amount of time. Beyond's renegade vibe contributes to that but you could seriously put Fox, his valet, and Kris Stat on a Living Dangerously in the late 90s after a cold open or after a Blue Meanie & Jasmine St Clair on the beach vignette and the crowd would be hooked. And I would be too. This was a fun watch.

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