Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Hungry Like The White Wolf

Ricochet VS A-Kid - White Wolf Wrestling 1/28/2017

CJD: After watching a bit more of A-Kid, I may have given him a little too much credit for having a "less is more" approach. He definitely moved in that direction over time but he also likes to get his shit in. And this is 2017 but what he lacks in maturity Ricochet more than makes up for with a young veteran presence. This match is more of a Ricochet touring attraction contest and even having seen plenty of Ricochet it's a damn good attraction. His selling, his facials, his presence, plus yeah they do some spectacular stuff. This is the type of match that made me rewind 5 minute chunks of action to let it sink in. I enjoyed every moment of it, including the post match stuff, and I think you will too.

JJZ: These White Wolf crowds are into it man. Jesus. Ricochet physically looks like a million bucks in this match. Kid looks like Ricochet when Ricochet started out. Kid definitely got his shit in in this match. I would've loved to have been in the building for this one. This was a great showcase match for everyone involved. If A-Kid didn't get signed to NXT UK he would've been in the position Ricochet was in during this match. Being a big indy draw and the featured match on every card. I enjoyed this match on a few different levels but mostly just as a fan.

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